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A full page format. One of the very first ad formats: simple and straightforward. Popunder ads are displayed in a new browser window or tab and can remain hidden behind the main browser window. This format has many advantages:
  1. A lot of traffic.
  2. The Popunder ad format is much cheaper than others.
  3. Global coverage.
  4. Users definitely go to the advertiser's website.
Good for users and advertisers.
In-Page push
In-Page push ads are similar to traditional push notifications. But they are displayed when the user is on a specific website rather than through the device itself. Therefore, they don’t require an opt-in from the user. In page push - notifications mimic or adapt to the style of the website.
  1. Quick and easy setup.
  2. No need for subscription permission.
  3. Works on all platforms including iOS.
  4. Wide customization options.
Calendar push
Calendar push notification ads are relatively new, but they've already proven to be an effective way to reach a variety of audiences. Simply put, these ads appear as events on consumer calendar apps, so they can deliver marketing content with a custom link without generating negative emotions from the audience.
  1. Trustworthy notification format.
  2. Easy to set up.
  3. High CPC, great revenue.
  4. The ability to monetize iOS and macOS traffic.
  5. New, not overused format.
Push notifications
Push notifications have become an essential part of most publishers’ monetization strategies and for good reason.This format allows for the establishment of personal bonds with audience members, making it extremely effective across all verticals and Geo’s.
  1. High CTR.
  2. Quick and easy setup.
  3. Non-invasive native ad format.
  4. Fast profit source.
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