How can we help you?
I don’t see any ads on my site, what should I do?
Ads appear after users press “ok” to get your web page notifications. So you can subscribe and check ads appearing.
Are adult websites accepted?
Yes, they are.
Where can I find a referral link?
You can find it in the “Referral Program” tab.
After uploading the codes, I don't see the ads, what is the problem?
You did not install the codes properly if there is no notification about subscribing to notifications. Check if you follow all the instructions or contact our support.
Is there any guarantee I will not get malware or viruses through your Ads?
We check all the ads and urls and don’t approve campaigns with malware.
Why was my account suspended?
We can block your account if we find out that your traffic consists of bots.
How much revenue will I generate?
Revshare brings profit step by step, the progress comes gradually, so you can not see great results at once. We have a good article in our blog, so you can read and get it all clear. The average CPC rates for all the countries and ad formats you can check here
Why are my impressions so low compared to the number of visitors on my site?
The impressions you see in your statistics are the impressions of ads shown for users subscribed from your site.
Is there any option to filter the ads appearing on my website?
Yes, just contact our support.
If I change my website domain name, do I need to get the new ad codes?
You need to verify your web page and install the codes again.
How can I check my earnings for each site separately?
Go to Statistics, choose the necessary time period and press “group by sites”.
What is the minimum payout?
It is $50.
Which payment method shall I choose?
Any method you like: webmoney, payoneer, paypal, paxum, wire
How can I change my payment method?
Press “Payment method” and “Create Payment Method”.
How many days should I wait for payout after reaching the minimum balance for withdrawal?
Just reach the minimum balance and get your request payout.
Why was my payment rejected?
We can reject payments if we prove that you provided traffic full of bots.
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