Website revenue components
Anna N

Vimmy team wants to give you some necessary information. Let’s speak about how to manage your webpage money and your profit. One is to know where to apply changes, in order to increase all the revenues. Learning to save time is really important because knowledge and practice helps you to raise the level of your skills.

One is able to make less and gain more. But first here is a tiny guide with the essentials. So, what helps you to raise your webpage traffic?


Technical aspects

Ad quality and profitability

Traffic types


Let’s speak about each of those 5 things in detail.

This is the most fundamental thing from all of them. You gain your income from posting well done content as a website manager or blogger.
Good content rules, and everyone knows it. If you plan some income growth, you must learn how to produce good articles, videos and guides. But we suppose you know. If you don’t, you may refresh it.
Technical aspects
Nothing hurts as much as getting flagged by Google for poor website speed in the middle of the hottest season. So you must learn how to avoid this. We gave some guides about web page optimization and Google.
Ad quality and profitability
Remember that not only content uniqueness and a good SEO gives you benefits. Some ad codes will return poor CPM and low revenues. So here you need to check ad formats and research.
Do you use all the suitable types? What if you change some types and formats? What if you add some creativity to your publisher ads? Did any new ad formats come? What are the most popular ads nowadays?
Traffic types
So, traffic quality and location is the fundament when you speak about maximizing your website revenues. You need to drive various types of traffic, say, from many countries and with various interests.
Also you can try purchasing views if you want to boost website visits from one geo. But first do research and do not put too much money into this. If it works, you may put more.
SEO is always the ruler of your webpage revenues. And there is no great content without well done SEO.  And keep in mind that a well optimization of your page leads to higher rankings. Sometimes it brings you more extensive organic traffic. So SEO is one of the most essential tips.
To sum up all the important things in this article, we can say the next. Your ad revenue improvement always depends on such things as:
  1. traffic type and quality
  2. content suitability
  3. ad profitability
  4. SEO optimization
  5. technical part
  Here Vimmy team gave you some necessary information to keep it in mind. Do not be afraid to read guides and articles, they can always help you to remember all the basics.