Referral Program. Easy and rewarding
Katrina L

If you want to gain extra money, you should immediately join our referral program. It is clear and transparent.

Joining is as simple as that – just sign up, get your own referral link and place it somewhere to share with all your friends. You should certainly put your link everywhere to reach everyone. 

We suggest the following types of our payment terms within our referral program:
  • 3% of all spending of every advertiser who will sign up using your referral link are yours;
  • 5% of all earnings of every publisher who will sign up using your referral link are also yours.
So your goal is to attract more referrals - and we may give you some pieces of advice.
  1. Put your focus on your relevant public who may have interest in gaining revenues. You need engaged referrals.
  2. Promote some pros and benefits of working with our network. Explain, tell, engage. Be some kind of a leader.
  3. Help our new members to educate. Moreover, if you have some percents from their earnings, why not give them usable advice? Tell them how to increase their revenue, so you would also increase yours. Let your colleagues grow, and your income would grow.
Some common questions about our referral program

Are there any limits to the people I can attract?

No, there are no limits at all. But choose some relevant publishers or advertisers, do not spam to everyone.

Can you add my referrals manually if they did not use my direct link?

No manual additions can be done. So speak and explain to the newcomers that they need to use your link for their account.

Can I invite only advertisers or publishers?

You can ask to join both.
Our team hopes that this article will help you to make more revenue with our referral program.
You can contact our support if you still have any questions.