Advertisers, get acces to HQ direct traffic
Launch and optimize ad campaigns, measure performance and control results in our easy-to-use platform.
Performing ad formats.
Stand out of the crowd with advertising that features engaging, interactivity and high CTR. We offer a wide choice of top performing ad formats - calendar, in-page, push notifications, and popunder ads.
A full page format. One of the very first ad formats: simple and straightforward. Popunder ads are displayed in a new browser window or tab and can remain hidden behind the main browser window.
This format has many advantages:
  • A lot of traffic.
  • The Popunder ad format is much cheaper than others.
  • Global coverage
  • Users definitely go to the advertiser's website.
Good for users and advertisers.
In-Page push
This ad format looks like classic push notifications, but lets your ads appear alongside relevant organic website content, right where users can easily find them. In-page Push was specifically designed to target all OS, platform, and browser types (including iOS).
  • High conversion rate.
  • Available for all devices, systems and browsers.
  • No mislead
  • Quick and easy set up.
Calendar push
Now you can send Push Notifications to iOS users. Get more conversions and an outstanding campaign performance with the new ad format Calendar Push. Format provides access to over 1 billion iOS users worldwide! Become one of the first to test and start making money with the new format. Learn more
Push notifications
"Push Notification" is one of the best formats to monetize traffic and promote ads.
  • Large Volume.
  • High CTR.
  • Optimal price.
  • Available for desktop and mobile devices.
Our platform
Self-Serve Platform for Advertisers.
Vimmy’s platform is made for performance-focused customers. It’s an effective solution to level up your performance marketing and digital advertising strategy. Get started immediately to reach the right audience!
S2S tracking
With S2S tracking, you will get more profitable and relevant traffic. This will provide increased ROI, more accurate analytics, sources of global blacklists, and exclusive whitelisting with more efficient traffic sources.
Easy-to-use tools allow you to analyze sources and get information about the effectiveness of your creatives and set targetings for successful campaigns optimizations.
Advanced targetings.
User activity targeting
Geographical location
Operating system
Device & Connection types
ISP & Mobile carrier
Browser & Language
Smart Optimisation Tools.
You no longer need to monitor the process every second! Using Smart Optimisation Tools, you allow the program to stop platforms/sites and creatives for you according to the specified parameters. How it works:
Smart Optimisation Tools can stop creatives if its CTR is below the specified threshold.
Automatically add placements to the blacklist according to the specified CPA goal conditions.
Pause creatives in which the CPA goal is higher than the value you specified.
Verticals that work best with Vimmy.
Software & Utilites
Traffic you can trust.
Long-term partnerships are built on trust and mutual understanding. That is why in Vimmy you will receive exceptionally high quality and verified traffic. Possibility of low quality traffic is minimized thanks to the own in-house traffic quality assessment system. Your positive result, loyalty and income are our priority, therefore we make our platform user-friendly, working tools efficient and highly automated. We value your time and trust, therefore transparency, assistance and efficiency in work, analytics and support are the keys to our mutual success. Vimmy is an ad network you can trust.
Your success and long-term partnership with Vimmy is our priority. That is why you will receive a dedicated account manager, fast responses, top-notch problem-solving skills and solutions that will help you work more effectively with our platform and tools and access to in-house developed design concepts.