Advertisers VS Publishers: feel the difference
Anna N

Vimmy team supposes that we must speak about this difference. How do they earn and make profits, what is common and what is not? What are the types of accounts for each of them? What is necessary if you plan to run a campaign and make money on traffic? 

Advertisers and advertising
This means buying users’ clicks, views, and conversions. More common is just saying that advertisers buy traffic. But the whole task list is like this:
  1. preparing offers (what you advertise, how much you are ready to pay);
  2. creating and making a design of a right landing page for your offer;
  3. designing some suitable ad creatives;
  4. setting up targeting and downloading ad creatives, set up budgets;
  5. defining suitable budgets and all the spending limits for every ad campaign.
So here we come to this: an advertiser is someone who wants to sell a service or product and needs advertising space to do so. This looks simple and understandable.
Publishers and websites
Publishers are those persons who own websites and are ready to display ads to their audience. This is the main thing in brief. Publishers look for a suitable place to put all the ads. They use ad networks because they always look through all the ad formats and find  the most suitable and profitable variants.
Publishers (or webmasters) are individuals or legal entities usually. They may send web traffic and nowadays they shift to social traffic driving ad views from Facebook, TikTok, and other networks. The time goes forward, and so does the business.
Can publishers buy traffic?
Of course, why not? They need to refresh their website users’ demographics or attract more new visitors. So the traffic is a necessary item to buy.
Can a publisher earn from traffic without a website?
Publishers can turn a profit from social traffic and paid search ads. All they need is just a landing page to land all users. They put a direct link on it. And this is how it works.
Here are the fundamental basic issues for understanding the difference between advertisers and publishers in digital marketing. Ad networks are well done ecosystems. They work both with publishers and advertisers. Here you see that both roles are equal and valuable. And no one is forgotten.