Why do they make more money?
Katrina L

Offer payout $0.50 or less – take it or leave it?

Newcomers are torn between “a simpler offer, less money” or “more money, but a more complicated offer”.

So what about offers that pay less? Should you take them? Or work on something “normal”? And earn more?

Let’s find out in this article.

Low payouts - is it worth the bother?
At first glance - no. It’s more productive to invest in an offer with medium or high payouts. And it will pay off faster. Right? Not always. Yes, if the payouts are higher, then 5 to 100 conversions will be enough for profit. But they are difficult to obtain. How much will you spend until that kind of conversion comes?
Read more about high-paying offers, their features, and how to work with them here. Affiliate marketing is like riding a wave. To overcome heights, you need to learn to balance. To get conversions on “normal” offers, learn how to get them.
The higher the payouts for the offer, the more hassle, namely:
  • restrictions on GEO, traffic, source
  • competition is higher
  • the target action requires the user to be more involved or pay for a product/service.
The lower the payout, the fewer restrictions, the simpler the target action. You need a substantial budget for offers from Tier1. Even for tests. It is not a fact that the costs will be recouped. The money cannot be returned. How often do you come across converting offers? Read in this article.
Test your skills
The first rule of a trader: the main thing is not to lose your deposit. In the beginning, the budget is limited. You can test your skills and test as many offers as possible using TIER 3 offers.
The crowd in TIER 3 countries is not as solvent as in TIER 1. But there will be plenty of people! India alone is over a billion people, Africa is even more. There are several hundred people who want to win an iPhone or a gift card. Install a game or application on their phone. Click, write, try, anything. The target action for the user will be simpler for offers with lower payments. “Enter email, agree to notifications, download the game”.
Experienced affiliates often work with “more serious” offers. Most newcomers carelessly chase three-digit numbers in the ROI column and “fly” into offers from TIER 1. Having previously read green cases with the same ROI in the title. Why you shouldn’t do this was written here. Therefore, the competition for these offers is significantly lower. They are simply of little interest to anyone. The audience is not tired of endless push notifications and banners, the market is not oversaturated with offers. The likelihood that a million more people are using the same offer as you is also low.
Scaling and automation
On an offer with a small payout, you need to launch as many campaigns as possible and scale them. How to scale campaigns was written in this article. Judge for yourself: with a payout of $0.20, even 100 conversions will bring only $20. So, more conversions for the conversion "god"! It’s not easy to endlessly check and scale campaigns. It is a lot of effort. But what an experience! Here quantity is what counts. Volume compensates for low payouts.
To manage this circus, avoid confusion and make a profit, you need to automate processes.
Fortunately, Vimmy, like most networks, has this option using Smart Optimization Tools.
Simple difficulties
We’re not saying that expensive offers don’t convert at all; and not “only target Africa or Latin America”. And you will have a profit. Of course not. There are different operating strategies in affiliate marketing. One of them - offers with low payouts. It is suitable for beginners because it gives a lot of options. Learn to scale, optimize, waste your budget without tears, and try again after failure.
Nobody wants to work for pennies. But every penny counts.
Do you work or have you worked with low-paying offers?