When and how to scale a campaign
Katrina L

Let’s not make loud statements “How to increase ROI by 100% and increase profit to the skies”. We don’t have an answer to this question. Each individual campaign is individual and unique.In some cases, nothing will help. The horse is dead – get off.

In this article, we want to discuss what parameters you can rely on in order to understand whether it is time to scale up your advertising campaign.

The good news is that in affiliate marketing “success” is measured easily and clearly – by profit numbers, and if you don’t engage in self-deception and just “hope of a better”, it’s quite simple to determine whether to scale or not.

Starting to scale after one day of good tests - it is not how it works.
After the first conversions, at least you need to optimize and only after that evaluate whether there is a positive dynamic. Let's take a look at what we see most often after testing:
High CTR, but no conversions.
It most likely means that something is wrong somewhere. Pause the campaign and check everything thoroughly. Does the landing page open correctly? Does it load at all? Is all information displayed as it should be? Are the links inserted correctly?
If you managed to find an error, fix it and test it again.
Low CTR and no conversions.
How to increase CTR, read in this article. Inappropriate creative, squeezed out traffic, wrong target audience. There is nothing to scale here.
Into Null
Namely, what was earned on the campaign, plus or minus the same amount as was spent on it. There is no profit yet.
In this case, it would be more logical to carry out basic optimization and disable sources that do not bring conversions. In a few days, look at the dynamics of ROI, if it doesn't go up, by scaling it - a risk of draining the budget. If you decide to take a risk, keep an eye on campaign statistics.
ROI has a positive trend
Everything is rather obvious here. ROI is the main parameter for deciding on scaling, if it is positive for several days, then you can scale.
Even with a positive ROI, be sure to look at the statistics. Everything can change and turn from green lines in the tracker to red lines.
Ways to scale:
  • Add new traffic sources.
  • Add advertising formats, for example, if the offer converts on push notifications, you should definitely try the In-Page Push format.
  • Add new GEOs if the offer allows it.
Scale or not? That is the question.
Scaling successful bundles is part of the daily work of an affiliate and the next step after the tests. Get down to analytics with a fresh mind, select sites that bring conversions. Disable ineffective landing pages and creatives, languages, browser versions. Analyze your win rate and choose the right bid.
To successfully scale a working bundles, first of all, you need to understand what kind of traffic is needed.
Once you have an understanding of what traffic is needed for your offer, start running campaigns in other advertising networks. Try new formats, connect new geos. Create duplicate campaigns, it often helps to get more traffic.Ask your account manager about the current state of affairs at the auction, top bids on the zones you need. Try to become top 1 on these sites to get maximum traffic.
When launching, optimizing, and scaling campaigns
Keep strategy in mind and stick to it.     
In order not to wait for random bursts of profit, but to maximize the chances of profitable campaigns.
Scale wisely, based on the numbers and everything will work out!