Offers with high payouts: take or not?
Katrina L

$300 per lead! When looking at offers, you see something like this – and immediately it catches your eye. Oh those promises! Images flash in your mind, and now you have already started to count the chickens even before they hatch. The soul asks for a big jackpot.

The benefits are obvious, you still need to work, be creative and optimize, but the profit would be higher. But not everything is so simple. There is a myth in affiliate marketing: a big payout is a big pain – the offer is complicated, and fishy. And can you even  make money off of it?

Like all myths, this one scares beginners. Or is there a reason? After all, the experience of seasoned affiliates should not be overlooked either.

In the article we will analyze high-paying offers and the intricacies of working with them.

What are high-paying offers?
What is a high paying offer? If the payment for one conversion is more than a hundred dollars - two hundred, three hundred. Here is an example, an offer to make the first deposit with a payout of $321.08.
How are these offers different from regular ones? The difference in the structure of the sales funnel. With a simple offer, the user enters an email or presses one button. And that's it, you got yourself a lead (if only it were that easy!). But with high-paying offers it will be a bit more difficult. You need to prompt the user to take several actions. Where the final goal is to make a large deposit, purchase an expensive product or service. The larger and more difficult the path that the user must go through, the higher the payout. Offers with medium or low payouts often have fewer restrictions on traffic type, GEO, and other conditions.
In what verticals to look for
  • E- commerce
  • Finance
  • Gambling
  • Utilities
  • Dating
In all these verticals there are offers for making a deposit, paid subscriptions, paid content. Expensive goods and services, offers for taking out a loan or credit cards. All this brings the advertiser a direct financial benefit, for which they generously pay.
What is behind the offer?
Succeeding with offers, where there are many nuances and conditions, is not an easy task. They need a lot of optimization, retargeting. Of course, there will be those who will follow the path laid, but not all will reach the end. Example: Downloads a trial, opens a demo account, but falls off the hook of the marketing funnel.
A “complex” target action of a user requires more than just affiliate marketers experience. Here you need to understand the needs of the audience, know your product vertical, understand marketing and sales.
Almost always high-paying offers are TIER 1, where the campaign and tests require an above-average budget. It takes time because high paying offers get few conversions. You'll have to sweat, collect statistics, fix optimization, and campaign settings. Sometimes you have to grind and grind for a week, two or even three. That is, you need everything at once. Budget, time, experience and desire to tinker. Not every experienced affiliate has them. What can be said about newcomers?
Suitable or not?
As an opportunity to make your first million - this is not the one. Motivating videos on YouTube do not reveal the intricacies of the work.
If you have experience in affiliate marketing, an understanding of the vertical and the audience you are going to target, then go for it. But get ready to track the sales funnel at all its stages and even adjust on the run. For correct optimization, you need to keep your finger on the pulse. You are still interested and have a budget - then go for it!
When working with high-paying offers, it's not the quantity that matters. Only the quality of the leads. And even for a few leads - all the efforts, nerves and money will pay off.
For some, these offers are a migraine. And for others - an alternative and exercise for the mind. Or even a strategy for working in affiliate marketing. Do you tackle offers with big payouts?