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Katrina L

The ad network is a tool for the job; like a builder’s hammer – reliable, easy to use, unmistakably fulfilling its functions.

The task of the advertising network is to connect buyers and sellers of traffic, thereby combining supply and demand.

The advertising network is responsible for the services provided and the quality of the traffic, so in Vimmy, publishers (owners of sites that sell traffic) enter the auction only after checking the traffic for bots.

The fate of your first budget and the general mood at the start of the affiliate program largely depends on the choice of a reliable affiliate network.

The choice is yours: roll the dice or start working with the support of experienced professionals in this field.

A logical question: How to break through the noise and bright advertising to find and choose a reliable and suitable network for you?

Key questions when choosing a network
  • Available ad formats
  • Traffic prices
  • Payment/recharge options
  • Opportunities for optimization and automation of processes
  • Availability of anti-adblock technology
  • Detailed statistics and transparency in everything
  • Direct publishers
  • Reviews and reputation of the company
  • Availability of an account manager and technical support
Why Vimmy is perfect for beginners
A simple, intuitive platform and support from a personal account manager gives you an advantage in work already at the start.
Top 5 reasons to choose Vimmy as your partner:
Always in touch
For a newcomer to the field, this is one of the keys to a positive start. We wrote more about the benefits of having an account manager in the article “Support that helps!”
The account manager is one of the key partners of the affiliate.
An ad network manager is an irreplaceable expert in non-standard situations. He knows everything about the platform and its settings, has data on popular geos, verticals and offers. At Vimmy, you can count on professional support without strings attached. We, like no one else, are interested in you working with us for a long term and launching successful campaigns! Our support works all year round, 24 hours a day, whenever you decide to create, optimize and scale your campaign, we are always happy to help.
Transparency and trust
For Vimmy, customer trust is one of the key priorities. Transparency, detailed statistics, direct publishers and checking traffic for fraud.
Trust in the network you work with is peace of mind, there are so many other worries in life, why create unnecessary ones?
Automation - saving resources
Another indispensable assistant to the affiliate marketer is the automation of work processes. Workflow automation - gives you the opportunity to concentrate on more important tasks, making the most of your working time.
A good indicator is that the network keeps up with the times, updates the platform, adds functionality for more convenient and faster work. For you, we have made a smart optimization tool, API, automatic recharge of the balance, balance depletion notifications and stopping campaigns on the budget.
Wide range of tools and targeting
A small number of targetings is a limitation of the affiliate's capabilities. There are situations when you need to launch to a specific audience. This is only possible if the network provides an extensive number of custom targeting.
In addition to classic targeting in Vimmy you will find:
  • User activity targeting
  • Country targeting
  • OS
  • By device type and connection
  • By internet providers and mobile operators
  • By browsers and languages
We provide all possible targeting.
Feedback and reviews
For such purposes, forums like affLIFT and affilitefix, beermonyeforum, etc. are well suited. You can find Vimmy representatives on each of them. We are always happy to share relevant information, prompt and help. Also on our blog every week there is a fresh article, interview, case, review or other information for advertisers or publishers.
The community will always prompt and help, asking people who work in the field is much more productive than reading impersonal reviews.
Yes, some of these forums are paid, but that's a good thing. Would you pay a membership fee for a community that you don't work in? Of course not. A good way to separate the wheat from the chaff. In addition to questions about the network, there are tons of useful information, guides, discussions and case studies on such forums. Reviews on the network are also good, you can see what the “office” is like and what kind of targeting and optimization options the network has, so feel free to explore.
You can search for a good network, a good offer for a long time, study a lot of materials on how to launch correctly, wait for a full moon or an eclipse, or you can just start today, right now!
Take the first step to making money — register in the Vimmy advertising network!