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Katrina L

“Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

Account manager
Self service platform with wide functionality, smart tools optimization and other useful features for automating workflows greatly simplify work in affiliate marketing.   Despite all the development and implementation of technologies, it is impossible to replace a person with knowledge, experience and creative thinking.
An account manager is a key partner of the affiliate marketer.
An ad network manager is an irreplaceable expert in non-standard situations, which may require logic and ingenuity to solve. He knows everything about the platform and its settings, has data on popular GEO, verticals and offers.   
Goodies from having a manager:
  • Will help with platform settings
  • Will tell you about the functionality
  • Will tell you which format to choose
  • Orientates by traffic cost
  • Will help with setting up the campaign
  • Will configure s2s postback
  • Will give advice on campaign optimization
  • Will share information about which offers are performing better
  • Helps to configure Smart Optimisatio Tools
  • Will make white - lists for your campaign
How support works in Vimmy
Once registered with Vimmy, you can count on professional support without any conditions. We, like no one else, are interested in you working with us for a long time and gaining!
Our support works all year round, 24 hours a day, whenever you decide to create, optimize or scale your campaign, we are always happy to help.
It's okay to seek help and advice. There are many options in which the campaign can go negative, and the best thing to do is ask the manager - this can help keep the budget.
The joint efforts of the affiliate marketer and the manager, combined with automation tools, will undoubtedly lead your campaigns to success!
Why spend hours figuring out, looking for and testing what a manager can tell right away.
Are you ready to make a profit?
Vimmy is happy to help you. Contact the live chat in your personal account.
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