Improving the interface of the personal account
Katrina L

Friends, we are constantly improving and finalizing the functionality of the personal account based on your feedback. Implemented a few more useful features that make working with Vimmy easier!

Automatic balance top-up.

Notifications about running out of account balance and stopping budget campaigns.

Ability to select the required time zone in the scheduler.


Below is more detailed information about each of the updates.

Automatic balance top-up
The ability to automatically replenish the balance with a bank card - when it reaches a certain threshold. On the page for replenishing the balance (Add Funds) with a card, there is a button - "Auto recharge" in it is a list with options for the amount of recharge for a certain amount upon reaching the threshold. Automatic replenishment allows you to avoid situations when campaigns stop due to the end of funds on the balance.
After choosing payment with Visa / Mastercard, click "Enable Auto Recharge" and top up your balance with your card. In the future, the balance will be replenished automatically. You can also disable Automatic Balance Replenishment on the Add Funds page. The ability to replenish the balance in other ways convenient for you remains unchanged, even during the configured automatic replenishment of the balance.
Notifications about running out of account balance and stopping budget campaigns
Now you can enable the necessary notifications in your personal account in the "Add funds" - "Notifications" section or in the "Profile" - "Notifications" section.
There are currently 4 notifications available:  
  1. Campaign is stopped due to the campaign's total budget limit
  2. The balance has reached the value you set ( Balance is below threshold)
  3. Campaign is stopped due to the campaign's day budget limit
  4.  Campaign is stopped due to the campaign's hour budget limit
  At the moment, notifications will be sent to the email you specified during registration.
Convenient work with time zones
We have added the ability to select the required time zone when setting up the scheduler, available in the campaign settings. Why is this needed?
Example: You only need a campaign in Thailand to be active between 12:00 and 20:00 local time. Instead of wrestling with time zone calculators, simply choose UTC + 7 and select the range from 12 to 20. Done.   No more complicated recalculations.