Why is API important?
Katrina L

Affiliate marketing is becoming more and more technological.

This is partly due to the need to integrate affiliate marketing tools with an increasing number of services, traffic sources, advertisers. The routine processes of launching campaigns and optimization take a lot of effort and energy.

API – the solution to save you time by automating processes and reducing workload.

In this article, we will explain what an API is and how to use it in affiliate marketing.

API is an interface that allows different services to interact with each other. The term API stands for Application Programming Interface.
The API helps services “communicate” and exchange information with each other. Large platforms like Youtube, Amazon, Snapchat, etc. also have APIs to help third parties connect, collect information and improve their services.
The API can be used for various purposes:
  • Creation of applications and services that use other softwares.
  • Fast and convenient integration of different applications with each other.
The video provides a detailed and visual explanation of how the API works.
Using the API in Affiliate Marketing:
  • Automatic updates. You only need to update the information once, after which it will automatically update on all platforms you need.
  • Statistics in real time. Access to all statistics, grouped by zones, for any period, not just the last 14 days. You will be able to see how many clicks, visitors and even the number of orders.
  • Work processes are automated. Automatically create and optimize separate campaigns for each type of traffic.
  • Manage campaigns using scripts, change bids, launch, stop and add zones to blacklists.
  • Smooth integration between services. The API eliminates the need to transfer data from one database to another, adapting to different types of interfaces, thereby speeding up the workflow.
  • Personalization of your ads and automatic targeting settings.
The API is now available in Vimmy.
With the latest update, Vimmy has the ability to use APIs to make your work as easy and productive as possible.
You will be able to:
  • Automatically create and optimize separate campaigns for each ad format.
  • Manage campaigns using scripts.
  • Change your bid or budget.
  • Launch, stop campaigns and add zones to blacklists.
  • Receive and analyze statistics.
You can get the API token in the live chat.
Automation can help you scale your campaigns, avoid unnecessary spending, and focus on tasks that actually generate revenue.