Where to look for offers for tests
Katrina L

The hero of the cartoon “NEMO” is in an endless search for his son. But the affiliate marketer is endlessly looking for offers for testing. And if it’s also profitable, then it is a win.

Let’s see where people look for such offers.

What is an offer
An offer is a product, service or goods that attracts traffic. Online game, training course, regular goods, subscription to a paid app or newsletter, making a deposit, etc. Offer - description of the working conditions, amount and payment procedure.
Where to look for offers?
  • Through spy services
  • Based on your manager's recommendations
  • From the TOP list in your affiliate network
  • By testing everything
  • By taking offers directly from advertisers
  • Combine the options above
Let's look closer at each method.
In an affiliate network or with a manager
Go to the CPA network, open the offers tab. What's at the top?. Choose any and test it. Different affiliate networks may have different conditions for the same offer.
It's almost the same story with the manager. Ask what campaign you should run now. Check everything in the spy service. Is the offer “alive” and profitable? Does it suit your traffic type? Then take it.
Spy services
Spy service is not a catalog of offers, with detailed descriptions and working conditions. It shows competitors' campaigns. There you can look for working options for yourself. There are a million campaigns in spy services, from weight loss supplements on Tire 1 to lotteries in Angola. It may be a long and tedious search, but you will definitely find something.
To effectively search through spy services, enable filters. You need to search for specifics. Why do you need offers for the USA if you are targeting Latin America? A good example of a filter is the duration of a campaign. Take at minimum three days. The logic is simple: no one spends more than three days on unprofitable campaigns. With such a filter, the chance of profit will be higher.
By test everything
This option will be of little use. Will be a lot of variety, but also a lot of scam offers. Losing the budget is inevitable, not something to look forward to.
Working with strategy, from choosing a vertical to an accurate budget, is more productive.
By test everything in one vertical
It’s no different from “by testing everything,” someone might say. But that's not true. One vertical here will be the criterion or filter when choosing an offer. Even if you take everything for testing.
This is suitable if you work in a vertical, have tested offers, launched campaigns. If you made a profit, you know your target audience, creatives and competitors’ campaigns. In short, you need to be in the flow and in trend.
Directly from advertisers
Yes, offers can be taken directly from advertisers. You can negotiate your own working terms and payments. There will be more benefits. But this is not always safe, because Shave is still here.
Advertisers prefer to work with affiliate networks or experienced affiliates who can cover their traffic needs. But still such an option exists.
We wrote more about working with advertising here.
Alas, there is no getting away from it. It all comes down to tests, no matter how much you search for offers and edit search criteria. Only based on the test results can you confidently say whether the offer is working or not.
You will have to look for offers. Exactly as many times as you want to launch an advertising campaign.
In the article “hunting for a profitable offer” we looked at how often profitable offers come around. You will find your own methods and learn to search for offers. Time provides results. And the actions will turn into a working routine. Familiar, understandable. Where do you look for offers?