Why do I need an ad network if I can negotiate directly with advertisers
Katrina L

Many will say that this affiliate network is an unnecessary extra layer. Why pay commissions if you can directly negotiate with advertisers and voila there is traffic, payment too, without extra commissions and troubles.

So simple? No delays? Why affiliate networks, why do most affiliates use them?

Let’s discuss where to look for direct advertisers, who they are more willing to work with, and mention the pitfalls of working with them.

Direct to advertisers
Is it possible to reach advertisers without an affiliate program? Is it possible to reach advertisers without pp? Nowadays, if you want, everything is possible. Negotiating directly with advertisers - realty.
To get started, you need to register with an advertising network, but this is not necessary when working directly with advertisers. Both parties must be satisfied with everything. It is important to set clear boundaries. Discuss the evaluation criteria, payment, traffic tracking methods and, if necessary, the nuances of work.
Working directly with advertisers without an affiliate network is a good alternative for webmasters. If you “eliminate” the intermediary, you can get individual conditions.
  1. For example, the offer will be only yours or almost only yours - this is a kind of exclusive. You agreed directly with the advertiser, he gave you his product, you launched. Only you, not a crowd of 100 people. The offer is “fresh”, the chances of a good ROI are high.
  2. You can negotiate better payment terms. It may be higher than in the affiliate network. Weekly payments can be negotiated. Any format that suits both parties.
  3. There are no advertising network commissions and fees. An affiliate marketer (hypothetically) can earn more, or an advertiser can save money. Depends on negotiation skills.
  4. If everything went well, and you found a “largest” customer, then you will get fruitful work. Favorable orders, long-term cooperation. All this frees you from the endless question of “what to launch”.
  5. You control the process and decide whom to offer or not offer services to.
  6. Subject to fruitful and long-term cooperation with many advertisers, the ability to scale, hiring employees, increasing income.
  • Risk of not being paid. No guarantees from either side, even with a contract.
  • There is no one else to resolve the dispute, if it arises.
  • There is no support, managers, or technical assistance, which are important for beginners.
  • You are required to provide a consistent number of leads. Every now and again.
  • Limitation on the amount of work. Let's say one advertiser has from one to three offers, and they can only target their product in certain GEOs. And if their goods run out, will you just have to sit and wait? You can negotiate with 10 advertisers at once. But from an affiliate marketer, you will turn into an office manager with correspondence, calls and contracts. And no work with traffic.
  • Misunderstandings. This is not about deception. For example, you understood the terms of the contract differently. If there was on at all. Refusal of full payment, Rarely is everything as it was planned to be. Or, in the course of work, the advertiser came up with unreasonable requirements (in terms of traffic or marketing). How to resolve the matter? Without experience, a ton of paperwork will consume you.
Working directly with advertisers comes with its own risks. They grow exponentially for "players" without sufficient experience in affiliate marketing.
How to get to them?
Who do advertisers work directly with? If you have just entered the field and so far your knowledge is limited to the basic concepts of affiliate marketing, then alas. Advertisers will not be interested in cooperation. If you have been working in the field for a long time and there are many successful cases, then this increases the chances. Advertisers will certainly consider doing business with you directly. You must be interesting to advertisers so that they choose you, not an affiliate network. After all, they also take risks by working directly. How do you approach advertisers directly to offer services?
Direct advertisers do not have a button on the front page of their site. You will not see the headings “we are looking for an affiliate marketer, we need traffic”. It's like in any business, Finding direct advertisers - working with clients who are interested in your services.
It takes experience to see a potential offer where there isn't one yet. And a creative approach. In any case, you will have to explain why it is beneficial for him (the advertiser) to even bother. Take and spend time cooperating with you, building blueprints. Replacing the usual algorithm. If you write “Do you have traffic, do you want more?”, it will not work.
Why do I need a affiliate network
If you work with a proven affiliate network like Vimmy, you reduce your risk. The affiliate network takes part of the risk. Therefore, you are partially protected. There is no fear that you will be left without payment after the delivery of the work.
You get verified traffic and help when needed. Technical support and managers will always tell you what's what. Integration with trackers, analytics system included. You will be able to collect and analyze traffic data. You launch campaigns, the affiliate network removes the workload and organizational issues. It allows you to concentrate on the affiliate marketing itself. No need to delve into endless legal issues.
Vicious circle?
They say that the only way to make money from affiliate marketing is through direct advertisers. But this is a myth. "Sharks" with large volumes and budgets work with affiliate networks.
Spoiler: In order to make money in affiliate marketing at all, even through the affiliate network, or even directly, you need to work hard in any case. Work and not at all because affiliate networks want a commission for their work.
Is it worth looking for direct advertisers? If you are an experienced affiliate marketer who wants to try a new work format, even more responsibility and other “fun” affiliate duties, then why not. If you are a beginner with little experience, an affiliate network is a great option for starting, developing skills, gaining the necessary experience and knowledge in the field. Remember, even when working directly with advertisers, no one forbids launching through affiliate networks.