Where to find a job in affiliate marketing
Katrina L

Do you want to try yourself in affiliate marketing, but are not yet ready to take risks and work alone? Lack of experience, limited budget, fear of losing a permanent fixed income, or simply no desire to be an entrepreneur. There can be many reasons to start looking for a job on an affiliate marketing team.

The good news is that affiliate marketing is a growing field that is constantly looking for new recruits.

In this article we will discuss: where can you find a job in the field of affiliate marketing? What vacancies are available? And how much do they pay for it?

Most often, the affiliate marketing team includes:
  • Team Lead - is responsible for most work processes and coordinates the actions of media buyers.
  • Senior media buyer - this is the position most applicants are looking for. The responsibilities include working with traffic, searching for offers, launching and optimizing campaigns.
  • Junior and Assistant Media Buyer - Perform a variety of minor tasks such as account creation, tracking campaign performance and reporting. They also assist the media buyer in his tasks.
Depending on the scale of the campaign, the team may also include copywriters, programmers, designers, office and account managers and other specialists, both permanent employees and freelancers. You can read more about the composition of the team here.
Is there a chance if I haven't launched any campaign yet?
Yes, in affiliate marketing there are many routine tasks that someone must perform. Teams are growing quickly, but there are not many specialists.
The field is so dynamic that what worked a month ago may be completely irrelevant today. Therefore, it is important to constantly work and stay updated.
Of course, without experience you may not be hired as a media buyer, but as an assistant, yes. It all depends on your skills and existing experience. If you have passion, a basic understanding of affiliate marketing work, computer skills, knowledge of English and a desire to learn, you have a good chance of getting hired. Then, as you develop your skills and gain experience, you can become a media buyer. Affiliate marketing is not a field in which you can become an expert by reading a few books and attending a couple of lectures. Here everything has to be learned in practice.
If you already have experience
If you have already successfully launched campaigns and have more than two years of experience in the field, then feel free to describe it and other relevant skills in your resume and send it to a potential employer, applying for more senior positions.
Be prepared to be asked to provide statistics about your campaigns, as well as be asked about your budget and other details related to running campaigns. If you are applying for a position as a team lead or higher, keep in mind that not only your skills as an affiliate marketer will be important, but also your soft skills.
How to become part of the team - where to look?
Affiliate marketing, although not as widespread as, for example, the IT profession, nevertheless, employers look for applicants on “regular” job search sites such as Upwork or Jooble.
The following terms are most often used in job descriptions: media buyer, traffic manager, affiliate marketing manager, ad buyer. Job openings can be found on professional forums for affiliate marketing and publishers, such as AffLIFT or AffiliateFIX. You can also search for vacancies and potential employers on social networks: Facebook and LinkedIn. And, of course, do not forget about the classic method of finding a job - through acquaintances.
About the courses
The internet is full of useful things and knowledge, as well as info-charlatans. Be careful when buying traffic courses that range from $200 to infinity. Experience shows that most often, no job will be offered to you after these courses. They will simply share general information that is already freely available on the internet, if you take the time to search for it.
There are many newbies who have bought all sorts of courses and still haven’t launched a single campaign. Be critical when purchasing affiliate marketing courses. Professional forums, like AffLIFT, where you can ask questions to experienced affiliates and find tons of guides and tutorials on 'how to start,' 'what to read up,' and 'how to do this and that,' can be much more effective and can replace multiple courses.
The most interesting - money
There is no definite answer. Salary depends on many factors, such as the location of your employer. Are they from the USA or India? A small salary in Tier 1 countries is undoubtedly considered quite substantial in Tier 3 countries. The position you are applying for, your experience, the budget, and your future employer's team are also important.
Most often, the payment model looks like this: a fixed salary, which usually is not significant, and a percentage of the profit generated from your campaigns. The percentage depends on the organization and your experience and can range from 5% to 50% of the campaign profits.
A few examples
Below are some examples of vacancies for a media buyer with Upwork posted on the site in October 2023.
Is it worth looking for a job on an affiliate marketing team?
Yes, of course, especially if you are interested in this format of work. Competing solo with large teams that have significant budgets can be quite difficult.
Being hired is especially important if you are new and have just started working in the affiliate marketing field. By joining a team, you typically gain access to larger budgets, exclusive offers, a fixed salary, bonuses for your work, ongoing support and invaluable work experience. Have you considered the possibility of working in affiliate marketing for hire?