Affiliate marketing Team
Katrina L

You’ve heard these horror stories a million times about solo affiliate marketing – this is the last century, it’s impossible to make money through it now or something like “5 Reasons Why you cannot work in Affiliate Marketing alone”.

Therefore, this article contains only facts about who can be in the affiliate marketing team, how to distribute responsibilities, tasks and what can go wrong.

Why do you need a team?
The profession of an affiliate marketer is not taught at the institute, so before you start looking for a team, you need to learn how to understand the issue yourself. How else can you teach or supervise someone else if you yourself don’t know what you are doing?
Two heads are better than one
The main advantages of the team:
  • Delegation -  Transfer of routine work, and thus the ability to pay more attention to exploring new niches and strategies.
  • Reputation - Loyal Affiliate networks and advertisers, the ability to receive exclusive offers. Over time, you can become visible and significant in the affiliate marketing market.
  • Scale - The larger the team, the greater the turnover. You have  $10, and together you already have 30. More opportunities for tests, buying accounts on services, trackers, freelance costs, etc.
  • Fast growth - The ability to scale in several directions simultaneously, the ability to generate more ideas. Rapid growth and ability to learn new things, someone on the team can do what the other cannot, and thus you strengthen each other.
Who is needed in the team.
Executives and HR:  Someone has to deal with team strategy, exploring new niches, approaches and opportunities. Engage in recruiting, planning and supervising. Affiliate Marketing team leaders:  They will scale profitable campaigns, look for offers, order creatives from designers, launch campaigns, and conduct tests. Then transfer successful campaigns to buyers for scaling in order to cast large volumes of profitable campaigns (in the beginning, these are usually the founders of the affiliate marketers themselves, who are also the management and the personnel department). Bayer:  This is a person with an analytical mind-set, who will deal with optimization and scaling of campaigns. He looks at numbers, identifies addictions and analyzes well. In other words, “Time and Hands” to launch a working profitable campaign. Technical department:  The programmer and maybe more than one. Creation of landing pages, scripting (analytics, API work), application development and other routine technical tasks. Creative developers:  Designer, copywriter, translator, etc. You can hire them or use the services of freelancers, especially important at the initial stage. Where to look for such helpers you can read here. Administrative and financial department:  Competent affiliate marketers, scaling in a team is certainly good, but with an increase in income and growth of a team, there will be an urgent need for people who will monitor the payment of salaries, interest, taxes, work with advertisers, drafting and signing contracts and solving various legal problems. Of course, all these tasks can be combined or distributed differently, depending on your needs and capabilities.
Team spirit
He taught how and where to launch, showed the profitable campaign, gave offers, and then he took your idea and went into the sunset. Of course this can happen, no one is immune. What can help you avoid such unpleasant situations?
It is not necessary to disclose all the stages of work and profitable campaign, this is information that should remain in the circle of team leaders or proxies. More often, this is why each team member does not fully know how this or that profitable campaign fully works.  
You need to understand
What motivation people have, and whether there is any at all, why they came to your business. Does a person work for a percentage of what he earned or for a fixed salary? Does his income depend on his personal productivity and interest in the business? The team is built on trust, if it is none at the beginning, then it is also unlikely to appear later.
It is very important to maintain good relations within the team, and do not forget to keep it – under the radar, just in case.
As in any company, if there is a common idea, good relations, employees are satisfied with the remuneration they receive, there is an opportunity for growth and prospects, it is unlikely that someone will go somewhere or borrow something to launch on the side. The person should have an incentive to continue working for you.
If you are looking for an employee
Then post a notice on the relevant sites and telegram chats. You still have to teach, show, explain, and it takes time, therefore, with the growth of the company, you will also need to think about training new employees. At least write a manual. Ideally, find someone with little experience in affiliate marketing or a related field of work.
If he launched his own budget into a minus – this is a good indicator, which speaks about the applicant more than any resume.
Affiliate marketers can be found in their own element, for example, at specialized events, conferences, communicating in person. If you are a job seeker, you can send resumes with your cases to different teams, ask at the conferences, meetups, workshops and other events if employees are needed, look for vacancies, communicate in TG chats, and generally show all kinds of activity.
You can work alone if you cope with all the working processes, have a satisfying income and are pleased with everything. The team provides other perspectives for growth and professional development. Building a good team is not a one-day task. Setting up a working infrastructure and a clear understanding of who is doing what, so that everything works like clockwork, is as difficult a task as finding a working profitable campaign.
If you are just a beginner, join large and experienced teams, upgrade your skill and gain invaluable experience. If you are an experienced affiliate marketer, become a partner or recruit your own team. You have to decide for yourself what is the best option for you.