When the first attempt failed. Learn to optimize campaigns
Katrina L

You won’t be able to make money on your first campaign! To successfully run in affiliate marketing, you will need a lot of knowledge and skills. This is the truth of today.

So the first attempt is usually a failure. But you will gain experience. For the green lines in the tracker, you need to learn how to optimize your campaigns. Optimization skill is one of the most important for an affiliate marketer.

Campaign optimization is a mystery for new affiliates. Attempts to repeat the success of “fresh cases ROI + 200%” are a reason to think. Maybe there is a secret ingredient, a secret tome of affiliate marketing? But no one talks or shares what it is. But no, they didn’t come up with a secret ingredient. Practice and work are the secret.

Optimization guide
It would be very cool to have a simple and clear optimization guide. So that someone could describe step by step what to do and when. Where to click and what to fix if it doesn’t convert, how many conversions should there be before moving on to optimization, etc.
That's why optimization is so difficult. You can't make a guide. All campaigns are unique. There are dozens of adjustment options. There are general principles, rules, “big lines” that can be used. This will increase your chances of profit. There are many guides and FAQs, but none guarantee 100% success. And it’s not a fact that it will work in your case with your campaign.
Optimization skill
Before optimization, you need to choose an adequate offer. Otherwise, optimization will be difficult and will not provide benefits. There will be no profit, no skill development. How to choose the first offer was written here. You test the offer, get a couple of conversions. This is not enough to understand whether it needs to be optimized. If by chance you hit the spot, something happens. But more often than not it doesn’t work out. A sufficient amount of data is important for optimization. Moreover, actual data, about real conversion. How to get it? Test more, collect information and those same conversions.
Choose offers with lower payments. Cheaper traffic, less budget for tests, more conversions. There will be a lot of data to practice optimization.
In addition, the first income can be a bonus. Let the payout be $0.10 for a large number of conversions. It can pay off and even be profitable. Having a large amount of conversion data will help you understand how different parts of traffic are connected. What influences and how. Where to click. You will be confident in yourself and your knowledge. You will work without fear of making mistakes.
How to get better 
How to get better at optimization skills? Optimize. That's all. Even reading guides that are similar to identical twins will not provide deep insights. It takes practice.
Optimization, and indeed all affiliate marketing, is practice. Like skating, rollerblading or skateboarding. You can read and watch lessons, understand the mechanism, but real experience will only come with practice. Until you fall and hit yourself, you won’t understand how it works. Same with affiliate marketing. This is not a story where you first learn theory and then practice. You learn on the go, while simultaneously watching lessons and reading niche news.
Why shouldn't you immediately look for expensive offers? Because it’s easier to simply waste $20 than $200.
To optimize your campaign, you need data. Data is the money that goes into testing. At the beginning of your journey, the budget will be small. And for the same $200 you will test much less than with a cheap offer. Optimization is a skill that needs to be developed. And the more practice, the faster the result will be. And real profit.