How to increase the CTR of an ad in push notifications?
Katrina L

How to increase the CTR of ads in push notifications by 2 times?

For example, using the macros {city}.

This macro substitutes the current city in the ad where the user is located. This maneuver works great with the dating vertical and increases user engagement.

Vimmy’s interface allows you to customize geolocation macros simply by adding the {city} or {city_en} macro to the header or message. The system will pull up the name of the city (in English if you use {city_en}) where the user is located in the push text.

Here are more ideas on how to increase your CTR.


Be unique.
Attract the attention of “fresh” subscribers with your uniqueness, and not with the same type of messages from Spy services. Vimmy gives you the ability to choose the user activity you want. (High, Medium, Low and Custom.) Set the required cost per click for each user activity group.
Variety of creatives
You should run a campaign and add multiple creatives to the test. Thus, after the tests, you can choose the most effective option.
We also remind you that no matter how good the creative is, it is worth changing it from time to time so that it does not become boring and does not lose its relevance. New texts and pictures attract the user’s attention better than worn-out materials.
It’s already hard to imagine a message without using emoji. Moreover, often empty messages without emoticons are considered rude and aggressive. Use them to win over the user.
Linking to the news feed
One of the good ways to increase the click-rate of a push is to link it to a holiday or event. It is possible to do it with any upcoming event.
The urgency of the proposal
Need to improve engagement? Make your audience decide right away! Nothing warms up a client to make a decision like urgency. Use words and phrases that call to action in your headlines. Often, verbs do a great job with this. For instance: put, get rid of, buy, change, write, do, open,improve, participate, imagine, join, transform, create, hurry, register, etc.
Make the most of all the functionality of the advertising network and you will significantly increase the CTR of your campaigns.  
Make interesting, unique creatives and personalize them as much as possible. 
After all, customers can look at boring push notifications from others.