A short list of conversion hitting content types
Anna N

If you plan to make your living from affiliate marketing you need to put time and energy into this. It needs effort. If you build a well-trusted brand, it will surely give you a permanent income. But is it easy to complete this task?

You will become an expert and a reliable source of information on a particular subject. It is not too fast and easy. To make your readers trust you you will need to keep publishing engaging and useful content. This is a reason for them to decide and purchase.

And all this leads you to learn the most effective affiliate content strategies. Vimmy team is going to provide you with it.

‘How-to’ manuals
This type of guide is a bunch of simple and clear instructions on how products work and how to complete specific tasks. It has a clear value to readers and brings you authority in your chosen niche. There are some hints for writing manuals. This is a list to include in your how-to guide.
  1. Look at other how-to guides and take some ideas
  2. Divide your list into chapters or steps
  3. Research and focus on your readers’ needs, problems, issues
  4. Give clear answers and ways to solve readers’ problems
Product reviews
This is a useful and reliable content type. Share your thoughts on a product or service and your own experience. This gives your readers a clear value and they will decide between similar products while also allowing you to include tracking links to the products naturally. Here are some particular points to keep in mind if your write reviews.
  1. Provide in-depth information
  2. Use a simple rating system
  3. Do not make it all complete and long
  4. Test the product from review
  5. It the product is bad, tell it, it will give your trust
  6. Do not be afraid to share your straight and clear opinion
Product comparisons
This type of content may help to choose between two similar products. Here you compare and tell your opinion to determine the best product for you. The point here is to give all details your visitors want and some clear information your competitors have missed.
You just give a huge and well written review of two products comparing them and after this you readers make their decisions. The goal is to give them reviews and let them pick one of two things. You must keep  an educational rather than sales tone. No insisting on buying, just reviewing.
Best-of articles
Such content is an amount of tips and tricks which are now extremely useful. Every industry has lots of tools and services.
Pick a useful and clear list of the best tools or services and help to decide which one deserves buying. But do not insist too much, be smart and trustful.
Here is a basic list of conversion hitting content types. You may test all of them and learn how they work within your niche. Maybe you will use something else
You may do some research and investigate some new content types. Complete your own list and test it. There is no way to learn how it works if you do not work and gather some practical basis.