Performance ad network with high quality direct traffic.
If you are looking for innovative ad network which uses only time-tested technology solutions for an ad rotation, with transparent statistics and dedicated support, then you should try Vimmy. Lifetime partnership and client's success are highest priorities for us. We want you to be successful and earn more with us!
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Founded 2018
Daily impressions 750M
Partners 9000+
Performing ad formats.
Stand out of the crowd with advertising that features engaging, interactivity and high CTR. We offer a wide choice of top performing ad formats - calendar, in-page, push notifications, and popunder ads.
A full page format. One of the very first ad formats: simple and straightforward. Popunder ads are displayed in a new browser window or tab and can remain hidden behind the main browser window.
This format has many advantages:
  • A lot of traffic.
  • The Popunder ad format is much cheaper than others.
  • Global coverage
  • Users definitely go to the advertiser's website.
Good for users and advertisers.
In-Page push
This ad format looks like classic push notifications, but lets your ads appear alongside relevant organic website content, right where users can easily find them. In-page Push was specifically designed to target all OS, platform, and browser types (including iOS).
  • High conversion rate.
  • Available for all devices, systems and browsers.
  • No mislead
  • Quick and easy set up.
Calendar push
Now you can send Push Notifications to iOS users. Get more conversions and an outstanding campaign performance with the new ad format Calendar Push. Format provides access to over 1 billion iOS users worldwide! Become one of the first to test and start making money with the new format. Learn more
Push notifications
"Push Notification" is one of the best formats to monetize traffic and promote ads.
  • Large Volume.
  • High CTR.
  • Optimal price.
  • Available for desktop and mobile devices.
Who works with us?
Advertising solution for:
Launch, optimise, analyze, and scale effective ad campaigns in a single interface. Fast, safe, and easy to start. With our Smart-Optimisation tools you can focus on the result.
Drive more leads for your customers! Advanced reporting, API access, multiple targeting options and dedicated support are available.
Ad Networks
Get access to the largest traffic source. Highload projects are among the advantages of Vimmy. We offer Integration via XML/RTB for Ad networks.
Monetize your traffic with us and get maximum revenue. We offer: effective ad formats to monetize every user and impression, worldwide on every device, great payment policy and easy integration.
why choose us
Our advantages.
To become your most trusted advertising network, we use our 10+ years' expertise and the newest approaches to your maximum advantage, by continuously improving our platform.
Friendly Support
Here to help you in creating and optimizing campaigns along with solving any issue 365/24/7
Anti-Fraud Technology
Feel secure. Our tools prevent suspicious traffic from reaching your campaigns.
Self-serve platform
Only you decide how and when to launch your ad campaigns. Advanced targeting, in-depth reporting, and real time stats.
Smart Optimisation Tools
Our smart optimization algorithm makes it faster and easier for you to optimize your ad campaigns. You no longer need to monitor the process every second!
Detailed statistic
Transparent and complete statistics for each ad campaign for easy and fast optimization
Volume to scale
More than 750 Million impressions per day from direct publishers. Get your opportunity to scale your campaign and get better results.
Our Partners.
What do some top affiliate say?
Learn why our partners choose us as trusted traffic source to drive maximum performance.
Pay methods.
Visa / Mastercard
Anti-fraud tracker.
Bot-free traffic is our priority. With our own in-house traffic quality assessment system the risks of receiving low-quality clicks are minimized.   Our comprehensive ad fraud detection and prevention systems efficiently detect suspicious activity and ban sources, so only real people can see and interact with your ads.   With our anti-fraud technology, you will get only real impressions, transparent analytics, the best results and the highest ROI.