Myths and legends of affiliate marketing for beginners
Katrina L

Myths exist in all areas. They are the product of the imagination of those who have tried something, but achieved nothing or even those who have not tried anything, but “understand” everything perfectly without trying it out. 

Let’s go through such popular affiliate marketing myths and legends.

Should have started in 2008
Or in 2010, or in 2012, or before Google tightened all the rules of the game, or ... you can continue endlessly. Perhaps it really used to be easier, faster, cheaper, with fewer competitors. But in this case, you should have opened a coffee shop, blogged and sold cars 10 years ago. Why bother now?
The second most popular headline is "The sphere is dead, it's over." Okay, let's humor  the idea. Why then conferences for tens of thousands of people are being held, why are there paid forums? People visit them. They use affiliate networks, trackers and spy services. Is it as bad as some say? In the article "No time to die" we wrote more about this, the opinion has not changed: affiliate marketing from 2008 is really dead, but the niche itself is growing, developing and feels upbeat.
Green case - repeat
The scheme is simple: take a case, preferably with pictures, apply strictly according to the instructions. Voila, your profit is ready. Oh, STOP, wait, no profit? Only a lost budget? Why?
Everything is simple. In their right mind, NOBODY will share working bundles. Profitable cases and bundles that speakers talk about or on forums are either advertising or have already played their part.  Green cases” are published more often than red cases, you won’t find red ones so easily if hardly at all. Green sells better, subconsciously no one wants to fall into a minus and a loss.  
Affiliate marketing - illegal and defrauding the buyers
Niche marketing and affiliate marketing is quite legal. Yes, there are enough deceivers, as well as advertising of any kind of turbidity. And there are a lot of money scams too. But who is forcing you to do the same? Not enough white verticals and adequate offers to your liking?
Why sit on a powder keg, worry that a tax inspector will come around the corner? Apply for self-employment, pay taxes, sleep well. Sock advertising is still legal in all countries. Here, as in any field, it all depends on the individual. Their desires and skills to legally conduct business.
Affiliate marketing - a casino and a lottery
About affiliate marketing, as well as about everything that is related to earnings, but does not have instructions on Tiktok, many say: lottery and quackery. It seems that it all depends on luck - whether the approach is successful, whether the campaign turns out to be profitable. However, any successful person will tell you that luck is about 10%. And the remaining 90% - accumulated skill and experience.
Hope for luck, but don't make mistakes yourself.
The ability to launch is not built into the firmware of the brain, it is not born idle. We wrote about how not to lose the first deposit here, and In what vertical can a beginner earn, you can read in this article. Affiliate program - not a casino, it's a real way to make money. Which does not depend on the drop of cards or ticket numbers. In affiliate marketing, you personally influence the result and the profit.
Affiliate marketing - a source of passive income
This myth (or rather delusion) greatly saddens beginners. Passive income - when you do something from time to time, and the money runs into the account without your help. For example: you rent an apartment or receive interest on deposits, dividends on shares.
In affiliate marketing for passive income, you need to create a system so that it simultaneously launches and optimizes campaigns while you drink coffee and go about your business. Well, or recruit a team of young guys, teach them, let them do it. In that case you will need to rent an office, find a manager, and pay salaries to everyone. Only this whole autonomous system requires time, effort and, of course, financial investments. And whether your effort will pay off is a separate conversation. So affiliate marketing is an opportunity to become a self-employed entrepreneur and work comfortably remotely. But definitely not lazy passive income.
We have reviewed only the most “popular” affiliate marketing myths. In fact, there are many more of them. But is it worth diving into these jungles that have nothing to do with reality? What myth do you think is the most popular?