Maybe it’s time to open an office?
Katrina L

Stuck in traffic, going somewhere in the snow, in the rain, when you could just stay at home and work right in bed. And ideally, have a virtual team, live in Bali or Phuket, lie by the sea, drink Pina Colada, generate profitable bundles and get profit.

In Hollywood films, this is how millions are made and multimillion-dollar corporations are run.

Reality: Most of us are too lazy to work from home.

Time management: keeping track of everything that has been planned, also not forgetting household chores, cats who distract from work and a TV. The perfect picture of being productive evaporates quickly.

Therefore, sometimes an idea comes up: maybe it’s time to open an office?

Why do you need an office?
The office is associated with productivity, discipline, team building, meetings and the like. Coming to work, we set ourselves tasks, a plan for the day and begin to implement it. There are minimal distractions, especially if you put away your phone.
Thus, a clear division, we work in the office, we rest at home, working out in the gym, not vice versa, or all together at the same time. By working in a team, next to other people who are interested in the result, we can increase our personal effectiveness. In general, the team spirit is a cool thing. You see other people, discuss news and the like; for many, this is important. Colleagues know what you are doing, you can always come up to them and discuss an exciting issue, ask for advice or share something cool at the same time.
If you work from home
It may be very different, while you open the program, while you write, the colleague may leave the computer desk or be busy with something very important. Communication and live contact offline allows you to better understand people’s preferences in work than working virtually.
You become a close-knit team and this adds to your loyalty from your employees. Which is important in the long run. Paying rent can be a good motivator and kick from laziness. The bills will have to be paid anyway, so there is at least one more motivation to work harder.
Cons of working in an office
The most obvious one is the rent. Assuming that an office of 60 m2 will cost from $ 2000-4000 per month.
It would be rational to ask the question, can I earn this amount? How productive will the office be for me and my team? If you are lucky, you will find an office space in a convenient place for you, and if not, how much time will you spend every day traveling to and from work? The office space limits the choice of employees since they need to live not only in the same country with you, but preferably in the same city. And how many specialists will you not even consider because of geography?  
Solution: It is possible to hire both remote employees and staff in the office. The main thing is that everything works and you feel comfortable.
Work in the “hard-core” mode
A very small percentage of people have strong motivation, self-interest (especially if we are talking about regular employees) or self-discipline to work from home, without any supervision, and do it well.
Working from home means that you are either at home 24 hours or at work.
Home is associated with relaxing, watching TV, reading books, or whatever you love to do. Now remember that You made your home a workplace. During work, you constantly want to rest, because Your body is already used to the fact that the house is a place for relaxation. Productivity – no, we haven’t heard of it. One more extreme: when working from home, you can simply forget or bail on your work schedule. Yes, You work from home, but due to the lack of a clear division, You run the risk of working non-stop. As a result, you can safely wait for the diagnosis “short of a marbles”.
3 tips for choosing a good office.
  • Convenient location, close to your home, or so that you can get there easily.
  • Rentals and essential bills like lights and insurance fit into your current budget.
  • This is not an office just for a sake of an office in a dark basement. Choose a place that is comfortable and pleasant for you.
You can always do a temporary lease contract and change the office or return to a remote work if it turns out to be the best option for you and your team. If you are just at the beginning of your professional journey, it is best to carefully consider your costs. But if you are growing, building your team and increasing your income. The office can be a great alternative to increase productivity, a boost of motivation and a kick out of laziness.  
There is no right or wrong option, everyone should do what is best for them and their business.

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