Top 9 neural networks that will make your routine easier and increase ROI
Katrina L

Artificial intelligence (hereinafter referred to as AI) and neural networks are becoming an integral part of our lives.  Already today they create pictures, produce videos, create avatars of people, model voices, generate content, write books, translate texts into any language in the world, write reports, operate machines and perform many other tasks.

A logical question: what neural networks can be used for traffic and content creation?

In this article we will look at the top 9 neural networks that will help affiliates in their daily work, solving routine problems, opening new horizons and contributing to earnings.  Spoiler: ChatGPT will not be on this list.

What are neural networks
A neural network is a mathematical model, created in the likeness of neurons in the human brain, designed to process information and perform machine learning tasks.
It consists of connected nodes called neurons that work in parallel to form layers. You can see the process of creating such layers with a neural network higher on the infographic. In these layers, the neural network is trained to recognize patterns and perform tasks without explicit programming.
Neural network BigJPG
BigJPG is a neural network that easily converts images from low resolution to high quality. At first glance, it may seem like the simplest among the presented neural networks, but in practice, BigJPG is a surprisingly convenient tool. Just upload a low resolution image and you will get a high quality image ready to use
RemoveBG, as the name suggests, specializes in removing backgrounds from images. It's a simple and effective way to crop images without the need for manual editing in Photoshop or finding a freelancer to do the task.  Just upload an image and get the result in just a few seconds.
Pictory AI
For many affiliate marketers, creating creatives is a real headache. Pictory AI is a real boon in providing the ability to simplify this process. Just upload a text description of your future creative, select a voiceover, determine the accent and the presence of subtitles - and get a video edited by a neural network using keywords from your description. This, of course, is not a completely finished creative, ready for immediate use.  But this is a great basis, a template for your creative. It’s easier to edit an existing file with suitable content than to search through stocks, discarding a million unsuitable options. In addition, Pictory AI includes an editor and a library of ready-made content. Cost: from $19 to $99 per month.
Microsoft Designer
Microsoft Designer is a neural network created for the automated process of developing creatives, in particular banners and images. Similar to Canva, but automatic. Simply describe the desired content of the advertising banner in text format, and the neural network provides several suitable options. Microsoft Designer also has a built-in image editor. At the moment, using the neural network is free.
If you need to come up with a name for a project, channel, blog, or anything else, don't struggle searching for ideas. Just use Namelix. Namelix provides the ability to create unique and creative names for companies, products, projects, etc. Simply enter keywords and a description of the product or industry, and Namelix will offer you suitable options.
Looka is a neural network that will come up with a logo and corporate identity for you.  Looka provides designs, logos, business card styles and letter templates upon request.  All that is required of you is to fill out the description, enter keywords, preferences and the name of your company, website or project.  Then the neural network does all the work itself.
StyleGAN (Generative Adversarial Network) is a neural network developed by NVIDIA designed to generate high-resolution artificial images that are amazingly realistic. One of the key features of StyleGAN is its ability to control various aspects of the generated images, such as style, color, and even certain facial features. This opens up new possibilities for creating photorealistic visuals, account images, creatives, and artwork.
09 -   a website that uses deep learning technology, specifically StyleGAN, to create artificial faces that look very realistic. The faces in the images that you generate on the site by specifying the necessary parameters do not actually belong to real people; they are created by artificial intelligence. is a direct demonstration of how modern technology can create impressive artificial images, raising questions about the ethics of using such technology and maintaining safety in online spaces. However, the functionality of the site is great for creating accounts and creative projects if you need an image of a person, given that this person does not actually exist.
Synthesia — This is a neural network that can create synthesized videos with talking faces (announcers) based on your text. You can choose from 140 different “speakers” speaking 120 languages, as well as customize gestures and backgrounds. The way Synthesia works involves training a deep neural network on extensive data so that it can capture the relationship between text and facial movements. This makes it seem like a real person is speaking to you.
Despite the potential power of neural networks, they remain just a tool that can help with text processing, creative tasks, landing page design, and much more. However, they are not intended to completely replace you. Therefore, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking remain key skills for affiliates.
Do you already use neural networks in your work? If yes, which ones specifically?