Guide: How to choose a GEO to get started?
Katrina L

In this article, we would like to highlight the pros and cons of working with each of the Tiers, discuss how you can choose a GEO, as well as a couple of hacks for your first campaigns.

All GEOs can be divided into 3 Tiers, in other words, three levels:
  • Tier 1 - countries with high purchasing power. GEO, which all affiliates of the world eventually strive for. It is characterized by the largest payouts, high competition and the most expensive traffic.
  • Tier 2 - countries with a lower average per capita income. The competition is lower here.
  • Tier 3 – developing countries with strong purchasing power.
Let's look at the benefits and challenges of working with each of the Tiers.
Tier 1 Benefits
  • Solvent audience.
  • Potential customers have the habit and ability to buy online.
  • Ability to use all traffic sources.
  • High CPA payouts.
  • Most of the potential audience speaks English and you can use creatives in English.
Challenges in working with Tier 1
High competition or rather very high. Many affiliates and affiliate teams work with Tier 1. Because of the high demand, traffic is quite expensive.
Benefits of Tier 2 and Tier 3
  • Lots of traffic.
  • Traffic is cheaper.
  • The competition is lower.
Challenges with Tier 2 and Tier 3
Traffic is cheaper and there is a lot of it, yes, but payouts for offers are also much lower. The audience is much less solvent.
You will need not only English, you need translations and adaptation of the creative for a specific GEO.
Tips for launching your first campaigns
  1. Start with Tier 2 and Tier 3, it's cheaper to get started here. The competition is lower and it's easier to get traffic, read here how the Vimmy traffic auction works.
  2. Tier 2 countries have high growth potential. They may be undervalued by advertisers at the moment, but their economy and technology use is growing.
  3. If you are going to launch the same campaign to different GEOs, create separate advertising campaigns. 1 geo = 1 campaign.
  4. When creating creatives and landing pages, take into account the features of GEO, dialects, culture and traditions.
  5. There are countries where mobile traffic prevails over desktop traffic and vice versa, take this into account.
  6. Do not forget about time zones and schedulers, use this tool for maximum efficiency.
  7. Also be aware of the possibility of the useful "city" macro. This macro substitutes the current city where the user is located in the ad. This maneuver works great and increases user engagement.
  8. Use the holidays wisely, even the New Year is not held at the same time in all countries. Not to mention local holidays. Holidays are always a good opportunity to make money. The affiliate calendar for 2022 can be found here.
How to choose GEO?
First of all, ask your CPA network manager for top offers and plan further steps based on this information.
Testing is the key to success. Try different GEOs and ad formats.
When choosing a GEO, we recommend starting from your experience, the demand for GEO from advertisers and CPA networks, knowledge of the cultural characteristics of countries, as well as your budget for tests.
Vimmy is happy to help.
The choice of GEO is an important matter and it is better to approach it responsibly. Whatever GEO you choose, in Vimmy you will receive proven, high-quality traffic that converts.
You can see the actual traffic volumes and prices for different GEOs in the Traffic Chart section! Do you have any questions? We will be waiting for you in live chat!