Free ideas and sources for fast content making
Anna N

Publishers are always searching for fast and useful ways of creating content. There are some tools and types of content which are always a good thing to use. All the tips and hints are legitimate and efforts which you pay are less than usual. So if you need more traffic for your revenues and have no free additional time to create posts and texts, go and get our insights on how to generate content more quickly.

Vimmy team is going to give you a list of ideas that can be used as blog content but does not need dozens of hours to be created.

Your best blog posts
You certainly have some old and good stuff which exists in your blog. Some posts, articles and texts. Just improve this content by changing the date of the post or the year mentioned in the text body.
Rewrite it and add new comments. Here it is! Google believes it is a new piece of information, so this tip is a great way to get some new things faster.
Top lists
  • Lists of events you recommend to visit
  • Helpful tools to automate routine tasks
  • Top-X online courses and books to boost working skills in your niche
  • Lists of influencers with useful content
  • Best and worst gadgets or soft you ever used
Google adores listicles, and readers love them too. What can be better than a wrapped, ready-to-use set of helpful tips or tools? So here is a list of ideas for this. But you can always add your ideas too!
This content type is a perfect tool for adding some more value to your blog. You have your own experience in moneymaking and blogging, so here it is, go and list answers to tons of questions to help your readers walk their way!
Some FAQs for beginners and some FAQs for professionals, some life hacks and personal experience are always necessary for other people.
Statistics and data sources
Share insights about the state of the economy on a specific market segment, some behavioral trends, or consumption forecasts is always actual and necessary.
And adding some more information, like little-known facts about your profession or the city you live in is a guarantee of getting positive feedback. But you are to mention the source of stats or data in your post.
Opinions and discussions
Users discuss lots of things, you need to do research and get some topics which trigger debates and news that your readers can relate to. Add some really popular but various and may be controversial opinions.
Your readers will be caught and hooked if you declare your point of view and ask them to share more arguments. Give people reasons to speak out and they certainly will.
This was our list of ideas and advice to share. But you may discover something new and use it too. All your content must be unique, rewrite it or add some phrases to turn it into some new posts. Always add SEO tags in your texts: titles, descriptions, keywords, as well as SEO key phrases. Check your keywords and check your rewriting results carefully.
Always be attentive to the Terms of Services before using any free and paid content. Use title generators and make sure your pages have some triggers for users to be involved in reading.