Creative is the face of your campaign
Katrina L

If the picture does not appeal to the target audience, then no matter how good the offer is, it will not help. Creative is a sponsor of getting into the sales funnel; If it is good, but if it is bad, then it will be a waste of money and time to zero.

That’s why, everyone is talking about the importance of these Creatives, tests to identify the very best. Which will successfully convert.

Let’s figure out what a creative is, what is its purpose, where to create, where to get inspiration from and what color has to do with it. And most importantly, we will analyze the formula for a successful Creative and learn how to make cool ones.

What is a Creative
“Creative” is a picture. Single, or it is with a text, video, animation. All this is adapted to your vertical. Videos and animations attract more attention than simple text format in email newsletters and messengers. Therefore, dynamic creatives are widely used by affiliates.
The classic version of Creative, image and text, is always relevant. It is universal for many verticals. Each traffic source has its own requirements and features for creative, you need to be attentive and adapt. Copy-paste won't work.
What is the purpose of Creative in affiliate marketing
The task of a creative is to attract the attention of the right target audience; and not only for laughs, but for the target audience to click, buy, install, so affiliates would profit and convert.
Through Creative, an affiliate generates interest in a product or service in the target audience. By making them want to impulsively click, open, download, install. Creative is the face of your campaign that the customer sees first.
The formula for successful creative - AIDA
  • A - Attention,
  • I - Interest,
  • D - Desire,
  • A - Action.
Bright colors, interesting pictures, gif images, large fonts can attract attention. Promises of “free lunch”. Who doesn't want to make a wish come true? Intrigue, vivid emotions, especially in the video, clickbait in the title, mentions of how to make customers' “pains” go away. All this will help to generate interest in clicking on the banner. Desire is created by the ability to quickly and easily solve the customers' pain. Promise him benefits, ease of life, pleasure, new vivid emotions. The final step is the call to action.
Where to get ideas for Creatives?
Sometimes the music comes by itself. But more often than not, we want a little inspiration. And in such cases, you can use:
  1. Spy services - study the creative for your vertical and offer
  2. Spy services- related verticals and offers
  3. To the notes that you make when you see interesting and catchy creatives in "ordinary" life. You do take notes, right?
  4. Ask the manager of the affiliate network you work with
  5. Search social media
Where to get Creatives
Okay, there is an idea, now you need to find a picture, gif or video. The most popular stock images are not an option. These are on the first pages of Google or old memes. 
When we see the same thing over and over again, banner blindness sets in. Users do not see the Creative.  The ideal option - to make or add something of our own. You can delegate the task to a freelance designer from Fiverr or any other platform.
Top free stock photos:
Where to create Creatives:
Photoshop and Adobe Premier are probably one of the first things that come to mind, but for fast processing of images and videos with sets of decorations, filters, fonts and other convenient elements and functionalities, there are services such as:
We know something from the theory about the psychology of color. Blue color inspires confidence, white “removes” everything superfluous, improves concentration on the product. Red - Helps with dating, adult, sweepstakes, nutra, antivirus due to its association with Christmas and love.
The selected palette for a creative significantly affects the conversion.
What to write?
What attracts people to Ads? Long story? No, it won't even fit anywhere. Another thing - emotions. Best of all - vivid ones, so that they would “hit the nerve”, and the user clicks without hesitation, “I want to see/know, but I'll figure it out later”. What emotions can be evoked? Greed works well too.  “Download and get a free gift” or “almost out of stock”, “offer valid only for a limited time”. Laziness is also not bad one - "lose weight quickly and permanently from home". Boredom - "no strength, you are tired? We know what will help you". Some others: envy, pride, gluttony, lust. Choose the ones that suit your offer. Spy services will help.
The text depends on the target audience. Who are they? Draw their portraits. Age, gender, profession, country of residence, income level, hobbies, motivation to buy your product/service?  What problems, pains and challenges can your product solve or simplify? What will interest, attract attention? What desire drives a click and a purchase? Speak to the target audience in their language. But first - study this very audience and its pains, desires, problems.
The success of a campaign depends on Creative. A potential customer will see it first, your banner with a lure. 
An important nuance of advertising is to make the user believe in what is happening. And in order for him to believe, you need to help him.
Creating a converting creative is a task that requires knowledge of consumer psychology, design and copywriting. And of course, understanding the target audience, its pains and needs. The task is simplified if you use the knowledge and services of marketers. These tools will help you make high-quality, eye-catching Creative.