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Calendar Push and new iOS15 update. Expert forecasts.
Katrina L

Will the Calendar Push format continue to work after the release of iOS 15?

Two weeks ago, on September 20, the official release of the updated version for Apple devices – iOS 15 took place.

This news sparked a heated discussion among affiliates and website owners working with the Calendar Push format.

The new iOS15 update is related to subscription to events in the calendar, which directly affects the process of collecting the subscriber base.

Also, in the new interface, a focus mode has been added, which automatically filters notifications based on the selected parameters. For example, by selecting the “Do not disturb” mode, the user can prohibit receiving any notifications on the phone.

With the update, daily notification summaries will also appear – in the morning, evening, or at a user-scheduled time. The notifications in the summary will automatically be sorted by priority.

You can read more about updates on the official Apple website.

Perhaps many will think “what the hell is this commotion and why haven’t I heard about this before?”

Calendar Push – a format that allows you to send push notifications to iOS users literally blew up the market in 2021. The market volume for this traffic is estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars.

You can read more about the format in our article.

Our Head of Sales Alex Osipov commented on this topic:

“The future of the format depends on whether the market can adapt and find a new solution for collecting subscriptions. As practice shows, such solutions have always been found. In any case, for working with iOS traffic, there are such formats as In-Page Push and Popunder. This will allow affiliates to make adjustments to their campaigns should it take time to find a solution for iOS 15. Remember, the key to affiliate marketing – being flexible. Charles Darwin formulated the main rule of evolution “The most adaptable survives”.

Do you think there is a solution to continue working with the Calendar Push format? Share your thoughts in the comments.