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Introducing a new format: Calendar Push
Katrina L

Friends, attention, attention! This is very important information!


Affiliate marketers remember 2018 and the performance of push traffic, when any verticals rose to the top and the profit was measured in five-digit numbers.

It’s been 3 years now and this market has changed a lot: competition has grown, browsers are making changes to the subscription mechanism, the number of users’ subscriptions is off the charts, android traffic performance has noticeably decreased.

Okay, so nothing to discuss? No, this is not the time to give up, because the industry does not stand still!

What if I told you that there is a real “blue ocean”?

Now you can send push notifications to iPhone users.
Yes, you heard right, push notifications are now available for iOS. You now have access to over 1 billion iOS users worldwide! Expand your reach to include all those “fresh” users who haven’t received push notifications before. This is a valuable audience for all advertisers.
The format has appeared recently and has not yet had time to become widely known and used.
Therefore, the phrase “have time to skim the cream” is not a marketing ploy, but a magic kick for those who still doubt whether it is worth trying. This article covers everything you need to know to get started quickly with the new format.
How it works?
The format allows push notifications to be sent to iOS devices via calendar application. Which gives the message maximum trust.
As in the classic version of Push notifications, the format uses a subscription-based model, that is, permission is requested to send notifications and receive notifications from the Calendar application. The user receives calendar notifications on all devices via iCloud. The notification is displayed as an upcoming event in the calendar, as the “event” approaches the user will receive reminders.
The notification is displayed
on the screen as a calendar event, in which only the title of your ad is written. The description of the offer or product itself, as well as the link can be attached as a description of the event or as a note to the calendar notification.
By clicking on the notification, the user will be taken to the event in Calendar, where a description and link will be available. After clicking on the link, the user is taken to your landing page.
Launch of an advertising campaign
As simple as possible! To launch an advertising campaign in the “campaigns” section, select “Create campaign” and Calendar Push.
Then everything is as usual: title, description, URL, targeting selection and campaign launch. Calendar Push consists of three parts:
Calendar Push consists of three parts:
  • Title. Up to 150 characters
  • Description. Up to 250 characters
  • URL
The following targeting is available: country, OS version, type of connection (3G / Wi-Fi), black / white lists for the site and placement, IP ranges.
IMPORTANT: You can use the {city} and {city_en} macros in your ads. These macros reveal the city in which the user is located. Relevant for dating, sweepstakes, gambling and crypta. Read more here.
Features of the format
  • In the auction, ALL “impressions” for your targeting will be won by the campaign with the highest bid. You must carefully monitor the relevance of the rate.
  • iOS users have above average income + ease of purchase in the Apple ecosystem! These factors are good for conversions.
  • There is no need to create images. Text + emoji is the choice of professionals. You can still use call-to-action words like “Today only”, “Now”, “Fast”, “Limited offer”, etc. to get more attention for your ads and increase the CTR.
  • The ad format is supported by all iOS and MacOS devices.
  • Because the notification appears as an upcoming event, users can click on it anytime before, during, or even after the event. This means that sometimes you may receive clicks up to three days after the initial notification was sent.
  • The auction is BALANCE-DEPENDENT. You must maintain a positive account balance. We recommend x2 of your daily budget.
Which verticals work best?
  • Applications from the App Store, VPN, antivirus, games
  • Gambling
  • Crypto
  • Dating
  • Finance
In general, everything that you love so much! Now absolutely all verticals are converting, choose an offer with the best conditions and  take over an auction. Become one of the first to test and start making money with the new format.
Cases? Proofs? Screenshots from trackers and other gibberish? Of course not! If you personally want to share your working links with others, then send them our way and we promise to publish them in the following articles.  
There is a promo code for a $ 50 bonus with a $ 300 deposit “CALENDAR300”.
If you have questions about launching campaigns via the iOS calendar, please contact the live chat.