What format to choose for website monetization
Katrina L

Before you start monetizing your traffic, you need to answer one of the important questions, which ad format is right for your website?

In this article, we have collected a detailed description and capabilities of the three most popular ad formats: Push Notification, In-Page Push and Calendar Push, as well as some recommendations for their use.

A push notification - a short pop-up message in an app or browser. It is sent to users to tell them about updates, news and promotions. The main purpose of push notifications - to deliver relevant information to the customer to maintain engagement. The format does not require placement and is therefore suitable for any type of webpage.
Push Notification is one of the most widespread and popular ad formats on the market since 2009. The format works on a consent model, so your users themselves will accept or block permissions to receive notifications at will at any time.
Advantages of the format:
  • Safe, time-tested
  • High CTR
  • Easy to set up
  • Subscribers have the control
  • Does not disrupt the process of browsing the website
  • Draws attention
  • Doesn't take up space on the site
In addition, Push notifications work even when the user who has agreed to receive notifications does not linger on your site or rather  closes it. You will simply see the payment for traffic in your personal account in Vimmy.
 For which websites is it suitable:
Push notifications are a universal format suitable for monetizing websites with different numbers of visitors in any niche and GEO. Works well on both desktop and mobile devices.
Calendar Push
The format covers all those potential subscribers who cannot be monetized through the Push notification format.  This is because the Calendar Push format allows you to send notifications to iOS and macOS users. There are over 1 billion users worldwide.
The format works through the Calendar app, displaying as an upcoming event, thereby building trust and increasing revenue. More details about the possibilities and use of the format for monetization can be found in the article: - Meet Calendar Push, Your Next Favorite Monetization Method.
Advantages of the format:
  • High user engagement
  • Trustworthy notification format
  • Easy to set up
  • High CPC
  • The ability to monetize iOS and macOS traffic
  • Innovative, user-friendly
Which niches are best suited for this
Just like Push Notifications, it is universal across all GEOs and niches. Perfect for both personal blogs and commercial pages.
We would especially highlight websites and blogs relevant with content about finance, cryptocurrency, online casinos, online / offline games, streaming, dating applications and software industry sites.   Calendar push - one of the most promising formats at the moment - don't miss the opportunity to use it.
In-Page Push 
In-Page Push is a universal format that works on all iOS and Android platforms. In-Page Push is a small pop-up banner that acts like a push notification. Displaying In-Page Push notifications does not require separate permission / consent from users, so we do not collect subscribers through this format.
Publishers around the world love In-Page Push for being unobtrusive to their visitors. Notifications mimic or adapt to the style of the website. The user sees the in-page notification immediately at the time of viewing the website, this gives a 100% guarantee that the advertisement will be seen. As a result: more impressions, clicks and higher income.
Advantages of the format:
  • No need for subscription permission
  • Wide customization options
  • Easy to set up
  • Works on all platforms
For which websites is it suitable:
Suitable for all niches and GEOs. Ideal for websites that have recently launched, due to the native look and feel.
TIP: Try to set up in page push impressions no more than 3 times a day for one user, so as not to cause irritation and oversaturation with ads.
MultiTag Vimmy - it is a universal tag or piece of code that publishers can place on their website, managing all ad formats through it at the same time. Multitag ensures you get the best combination for your website traffic and ad format with an algorithm based on millions of conversions.
This is a time-tested approach that delivers a high CPM. Read more about multitag and its installation in the guide: How to use MULTI TAG in website Monetization.
Which format should you choose?
We recommend using all three formats in order to monetize the maximum number of users and understand which format is best for you.
However, remember that one of the common mistakes Publishers Should Avoid At All Costs is to use too many types of ads on a single page or website, try to avoid this to keep your audience engaged and loyal.
 Are you ready to generate income?
In Vimmy, you will find all three top ad formats for monetizing and earning money on your website.
In the Step by step guide, you will find detailed instructions on how to get started with monetization in just 4 steps. For any questions, please contact our team and we will be happy to help. Create  yours Vimmy publisher account and increase your monetization earnings right away.

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