Writing articles: a formula of great texts for publishers
Anna N

A well written article must include 3 main things. They are the fundamental tips for a text published online.

A catchy headline – 73% of success

An engaging and attractive introduction

Brief words about your content (it is valuable, useful, etc)

Any text’s headline should:
  • Attract readers' attention;
  • Raise their interest;
  • Motivate and make them read the text;
  • State your main pros, pluses and benefits;
  • Contain a right SEO key phrase.
A good title must:
  • Surprise
  • Shock
  • Trigger emotions
The best and useful headline must include:
  • The promise of a significant effortless result
  • The guarantee of a quick result
  • An anti-expert uprising
Some tips for writing introductions
  • Contain (some situations which are relevant to readers)
  • Describe (some actual problems for readers)
  • Highlight (the actual problem mentioned in a text)
  • Show (the benefits of reading your text)
A lead-in paragraph must:
  • Consist of 4-8 sentences
  • Attract user’s interest
  • Motivate user to read till the end
Your content must be clear, readable and simple. But do not copy, it must be new and unique. Or you will have SEO issues. Check your drafts and insert the chosen necessary keywords. But use only 2 or 3, do not put in as much as you can, it is a waste of time. Be as simple as you can and make your statements clear. Readers must get your point easily. Try to write it understandable. People are not fans of high level thinking, they want to read fast and get all the information quickly because nowadays we try to waste our time in a sensible way. Reading long difficult texts is not an option for us today.
And a bit more tips
  • Always highlight the key benefits and prove them right there. Speak about the results and pluses of buying your product. 
  • All the verbs must be active, forget about passive voice.
  • Prove all the adjectives you use.
  • Make CTAs powerful to make them work as they should, use imperative verbs.
  • The key benefit of the product and positive results are your main goals, keep them in mind.
  • Use images and photos to increase the consumer response.
  • Respect your users and keep in mind that you create content for them, not for you.
The full structure of a selling text
  • Headline.
  • Lead-in paragraph.
  • The consumer’s problem.
  • Reasons for the problem exist.
  • A solution to the problem.
  • Arguments to back your way of solving the problem.
  • The benefits of solving the problem.
  • Product presentation.
  • Clear advantages of the product.
  • Licenses, certificates.
  • Sale.
  • Time and quantity limit.
  • Social evidence (reviews from satisfied customers).
  • Guarantees (reliable and long-term ones).
  • Call to action.
  • What else to pay attention to.
  • Your affiliate marketing content must add value to the advertised product. If you just copy the advertiser’s website, Google will “reward” you a low position in the ranking.
The purpose of your content making is to raise your income. All the results you have depend on you. But if you have no idea what the wants, needs and opinions of your users are, you gain nothing. Research and test, try and learn.
Make amazing and attractive content to promote your products and raise all the profits.