Why use ad networks? Pros and cons of it
Anna N

Learning how to work and use ad networks is not a sweet fairy tale with marshmallows and sugar. They are a random genie in the bottle which can bring you gold and success but not too easy. You will be blessed or cursed, it depends on how you test and work.

The final result depends on what you set as your priorities and expectations. If they are too high, you may crush yourself. But if you look and realize your priorities and expectations, there is no catastrophe. Just be real and smart and wash away any thought of turning ad networks into a magic wand. It is not magic, it is a huge pile of work wasting your time and energy.

The solutions for the online advertising business must depend on  examining all of their pros and cons. And plans for future work must be completed accordingly.

What’s about money
The main goal of any publisher is to monetize your web property. A blog, a business page, whatever you have. It is normal to run your personal business with your online property. And ad networks make it easy, regulated and organized. You may set some plans and monetize your ad inventory.
Targeting A Wider Audience For Monetization
The ad networks offer a variety of setting ads, so your ads launch and jump over the world. It has a broader reach in all the global markets. So the audience is more huge, and the number of potential customers is increasing. By testing and using new ads you get new users and clients.  
Balancing Between Convenience And Revenue
You use a good solution, but it is not always easy when it comes to ad networks. You have a chance to focus on delivering more quality content to the audience or improving your site’s SEO.
But you need to invest in creating or pay someone to work as a freelancer. Or even organize a team for more deals and sales. Your offers must be various and attractive, the content must be filtered and your blog must have well made content with actual information.
Some conclusions
There are still some issues in ad marketing. The problem of non-human traffic has long been plaguing the market. So any publisher has to keep attention on watching fraud and preventing bots. The business must be healthy and it is one of the main tasks.
Ad networks cannot be a universal cure for every marketer’s woes. But if you have a clear vision and understanding of their basic business rationality, you will succeed. And your genie will definitely bring you gold and diamonds.