Why can’t you make it work for you in affiliate marketing?
Katrina L

Often a man is his own worst enemy (Cicero)

You are entering a new sphere: optimism, motivation, “now we will solve everything”, “we will analyze”, “we will do it right”, “we will earn money” attitude! Rubbing your hands, ready to act, but…

And here is the snag. Not everything is as fast as we would like it to be. There is no traffic flow, and the money has not been credited to the bank account. Enthusiasm plummets. Motivation is dying.

Why is it that someone manages to promote a campaign and take mountains of profit, while someone still hasn’t? What prevents you from becoming a successful affiliate marketing?

One article, one video on YouTube - and here you are building sandcastles with optimism and excitement. Considering the profit not yet earned or simple: trying to share the skin of an unkilled bear. But a heartless reality rushes in and quickly makes adjustments. It becomes clear that just launching a campaign is not enough, you need to be able to use affiliate networks. All tales of profit are destroyed by a ruthless reality.
As the days grow longer, the storms are stronger. Tons of Information - some contradicts each other and it's not clear what to do. Whom to believe, whom to listen to and where to go?
Already at this stage, the majority runs away and disappears. There are no quick fixes in affiliate marketing and laziness can win over. It is easier to say that affiliate marketing is a trickery, everything is very bad and that nothing works. Nobody wants to just sit down and think. But everyone wants profit. The learning process takes a relatively long time (like any new business, you need to learn!). This moment is like natural selection. Everything is difficult and incomprehensible at the maximum. But with time and experience, these puzzles and quests will become an understandable routine. You need to endure the moment when you solve problems for an extended period of time. You need to study the issue, test, try - and not give up.
G stands for - greed
This is not only about affiliate marketing. Everywhere and everyone is waiting for quick profit. Easy money, as advertised on Instagram: affiliate marketing, crypto, investments, pyramid schemes, network marketing.
Affiliate marketing is both risky, and confusing, and complex, and not very stable. But not quick at all. Not easy. For beginners, it's not easy at all.
Areas with money are not easy to study. Most of them are complex and require contributions. Affiliate marketing is the same. But No, we don't want to take off our rose-colored glasses, we're all waiting to get rich just like that. Preferably tomorrow. Profit with six zeros will not come immediately, keep launching, do not give up.
No time for tests
“I'll just take the offer, and start launching right away. Strategy, tests, budget - no, I haven’t heard”. It is clear that you want to save up, especially if the starting budget is small and not waste money on tests. It happens that beginners make conclusions about the performance of the bundle after 2-3 leads. But as a rule, the conclusions are incorrect.
For example, Vimmy has a smart tools optimization, it optimizes campaigns automatically. But in order for it to work and to help with optimization, it needs data. This is not 2-3 leads, either in plus, or in minus. Therefore, when choosing verticals and offers, do not focus on the amount of payouts (and yes, in Tier1 they are much higher). Choose verticals where the cost per lead is low. These are Tier 2 and 3, where for a conditional $100-200 you will get significantly more data than in Tier 1. In addition, it is psychologically easier to spend $ 100 for tests than five times more. For the same reason, don't look for “unique offers”. They are unique, you won't find them. Don't reinvent the wheel! Launch onto a simpler vertical, it will definitely work.
Redundant testing
The budget for tests has already been spent - even in minus. You sit and wait, what if I get lucky NOW? Empty hopes.
This is the opposite extreme of no tests. Sometimes a minus is a minus, it makes no sense to wait in vain. Save your budget. You can follow the rule: One bundle costs as much as 10 leads. When the allotted budget ends, move on.
No man is an island
When the first normal profit comes, it overwhelms the beginners. For example: “I have learned everything”, “I am a pro”, “I can do everything”, “Why should I go to the conference, chat on the forums, ask "stupid" questions?”, “Why study cases, look for new approaches and sources?” “I know it all, only profit from now on”.
In affiliate marketing, things change rapidly. Here you need to keep abreast, try on and on new things. Even when you have been working for 10 years! Needless to say for the beginners. Communication with colleagues and the community is a great help in the work of an affiliate marketer. Because no man is an island
Repeating cases
Seductive thought to repeat someone else's success. Receiving a tempting, stable profit and rejoicing. The only free cheese is in the mousetrap.  
No one will share working bundles that give a profit. You shouldn't believe everything that is mentioned in these cases. And even more so blindly copy them.
But reading case studies is helpful. There are new ways of working, geos, sources, approaches of other affiliates. A beginner will find it educational.
The skin of an unkilled bear
Day, week, month were profitable. And so you multiply your profit by 7. There are seven days in a week, right? Or even 12, because there are 12 months in a year , and already distribute future profits.
It doesn't work like that. Anything can happen in affiliate marketing, tomorrow your profit will change, in minus or in plus, no one can say.
The same with borrowed money and microcredits for scaling and increasing the profits. Be careful with such ideas. They may not be justified, and you will find yourself in debt. Be careful that the interest on the loan does not “eat up” the entire profit. Or that they won't put you in/more debt. Especially if you work solo.
Affiliate marketing is a business
Success in any business is hard work, hours of study and testing. Invest money, work at a loss or at zero, but don't give up. There are no shortcuts to success. And any so-called "gurus" who promise easy money just want to quickly earn it from you themselves. Don't trust these people.
The truth is that getting started is always difficult and scary. There is not a single affiliate marketer who launched one campaign and woke up the next day as a super-affiliate.
Don't give up, everything will work out! And what was the most difficult for you at the beginning of the journey?