Where to look for helpers?
Katrina L

Many tasks in affiliate marketing can be delegated to specialists in a related area: This way you will have time to spend on more important tasks. Increasing productivity, and therefore your income.

At the initial stage, finding the right person can really take time, consider this as an investment in the future.

Of course, you yourself can be a head cook and bottle- washer.

The question is how long you will last and how much work you can do. How much could you have done if, say, you delegated the development of landing pages or the creation of a Creatives?


To whom to delegate
Affiliate marketing is a multitasking job, to implement one campaign you need at least: find an offer, create a creative, run tests, set up targeting, carry out optimization and other small things. Whom, where and why do you need to hire an affiliate in order to delegate important tasks:
“I don’t have time for this, too long to explain, so many other urgent matters.”
Delegate to
  • Designer and web designer, layout designer – edits, makes unique landing pages, banners, videos and teasers.
  • Programmer – automation of routine tasks, working with networks via API, collecting statistics, creating financial reports, alert systems and various checkers.
  • Copywriter – Landing page texts, promo posts, catchy headlines.
  • Translator – To translate landing pages and headlines. Which google can’t handle.
  • Junior affiliate – who can do routine tasks, launching campaigns.
Where to look for?
Everything is very simple. On the site where freelancers habitat, leave an ad about the search for an employee for the vacancy you require, or for a specific service. They will definitely respond to it, and you just have to choose the right person. Websites for finding freelancers:
Websites for finding freelancers:   Narrowly targeted:
Figure out your budget. You can find a contractor who will cost you 3 dollars or 3 thousand, however, it is not known which of them will do the job better. For clarity: Video about Freelance Work Comparison on Fiverr in different price ranges from 5 to 200 dollars. Designer: from $ 5 Tip: choose multiple designers to get different approaches to Creatives and then decide which is best when testing. Translator: from $ 5 for 500 characters Tip: The chance of a better translation is increased if the text was originally translated into English. Copywriter: from $ 1 up to $ 8 for 1000 characters Should I get a cheaper or more expensive copywriter? Not an easy choice, but a rare $ 1 copywriter will delve deeper into the topic, moreover, conduct research on the target audience. Most likely it will be simple, text for text. You can also order from several contractors or find someone who already understands the topic you need. Layout designer: from $ 9 Programmer: from $ 10 for 1 hour of work Always look at the portfolio. If possible, order from several contractors. Set the task as clear as possible and discuss all the details in advance. Pay attention: did the contractor carefully read your request, whether the freelancer sent a personalized response, or copy-paste messages with general information – this says a lot about the person. Look at the reviews, if one person was not satisfied with the work of a freelancer – this does not mean anything. If every third person writes that the deadlines have not been met, this is already an indicator. Communication: before ordering, find out if it is convenient for you to communicate with the person, whether he/she answers messages, and how quickly. Is he/she interested in working on your project? The main thing here is to find a person with whom you will be comfortable, the price can be negotiated.
Delegation is one of the most important skills of an affiliate marketer, read about other important skills here. Delegation will give you the opportunity to focus on more important tasks, scale your project and thereby increase your income. Finding a good contractor who will meet deadlines, make edits, who will perform work with high quality and with whom it will be comfortable and easy to cooperate is not the easiest, but very important task. As a result, you will form your own team of remote workers, and the tasks that have been lying in the far box for months will finally begin to be implemented. I hope the information was useful to you, now you know where to look for helpers.
Because there is safety in numbers!