When is the right time to start monetizing?
Katrina L

Monetization with the help of ad networks – one of the reliable ways to make money on your website that does not require much time or financial investments from you.

This type of earnings helps to recoup the initial costs of creating a website and generate additional profit.

The only question is, is your site ready for monetization right this moment?


When can I start?
You can start Monetizing traffic even if there is only one visitor per day, the user sees an advertisement, clicks on it, or subscribes to notifications, you will get profit. 
But the income figures become much more interesting with the number of site visitors from 1 10 000 or more per day. What does it take to get a website ready to monetize traffic?
Traffic, optimization and good content
It is all clear with the number of visitors, the more, the better, nevertheless the factor of their constancy and activity is just as important as the number. The quality of traffic is important both for profit and for the credibility of the ad network. Bot traffic is easy to detect using anti-fraud systems and only leads to loss of trust and termination of cooperation on the part of the ad network. Another important point - is your site interesting for the visitor? Are you creating and posting enough relevant content to keep your audience interested and engaged? Think about your content plan, the frequency of content posting and its quality.
Are ads configured that generate an influx of new users and visitors, thereby increasing traffic? If not, it makes sense to think about SEO-optimization of your site and promotion.  Unlike many ad networks in Vimmy we use a multi-tag that allows us to manage all ad formats through one universal code: read more about multi tag and its use here “How to use MULTI TAG in website Monetization”.
Let's start monetizing
Website monetization is a simple process that can be configured in just 4 steps. For a detailed setup guide, see “Step by step Guide for publishers”.    We recommend starting monetization with classic Push notifications - this ad format is suitable for both sites with a large number of visitors and sites with less than 10,000 visitors a day.   In-Page Push (IPP) Notifications formats and a new format for iOS - Calendar Push are also great for monetizing iOS users. Learn more about each format.     Managing ads is just as easy thanks to the multi-tag.
Getting profit
In Vimmy, payments are made using the Revshare system. Which is the most beneficial for publishers. You can read more about the model and its advantages in the article "Revshare the choice of professionals". The best part is that Vimmy is the only ad network that pays 85% commission on profits. Whatever the income from your website, choosing cooperation with a reliable partner, it will be up to 3 times higher, while payments are constant and reliable.
If your website already has a stable daily audience, you are constantly working to attract new users and regularly add interesting content, then your site is ready to make a profit.
The only thing left is to choose a reliable partner and establish effective advertising formats that will not have a negative impact on the site's audience.
Thanks for reading till the end.

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