SEO & Content
Anna N
A new website always needs some time and energy because the first few months require a traffic increase. The growth must be vital and organic. And before you start your actions, let Vimmy remind you about two important points for a traffic boost. We shall speak about SEO and content.


All you may need are just new theories, fundamental tips, a little patience while working, and in some cases, the right tools for improving your ranks.
Building Solid Backlinks
  • LINK SHARING: Choose some web pages which are close to your webpage. The niche and aim must be similar. If you sell coffee cups you may backlink to some coffee beans sellers and they may backlink too. This is how it is done. Traffic would be referral. Efforts are not too huge. And the result would be stable and good.
  • GUEST POSTING: You may use guest posts for increasing your backlinks. Find some webpages similar to yours and make some guest posts or comments. Some opinions, thoughts, ideas, articles, forum posts, whatever. Do not spam. Just be active and join communities.
  • FINDING BACKLINK OPPORTUNITIES: Do a total check if all the backlinks refer to your webpage. If not, correct them. Do this sometimes and make sure if all the links are working, refresh them if needed. Delete all the error 404 links, dead urls are a bad thing.
This is important for gaining credibility when the sites that reference you are industry titans. The sources of backlinks must be well known and have a good Google rank.
Targeting Long-Tail Keywords
Not everyone uses this tip. But they work well. And you have less concurrent, so do not forget to use this ranking boost. When you combine like 3 words or more, you reach your audience better.
Your conversion climbs up. Check some long-tails which are popular within your niche to increase your ranks. You may use “Google Suggest” while typing keywords in Google or use some software, like Google Trends, Longtail Pro, Answer the Public.
Revamping & Upgrading your Website
  • PAGE SPEED: A slow download may ruin your ranks. Check if your pages are fast or not. Optimize all images, test videos, reduce redirects, compress pages if necessary. 
  • MOBILE FRIENDLINESS: Do not forget about mobile optimization. Reduce images for mobile suitableness, make fonts larger, make designs more simple, increase your CTA button size.
Writing the Right Meta-Descriptions
Here you may use some keywords and pull interest back to your pages. Concise, informative and keyword heavy meta-descriptions must be to inform users what the content looks like.
Users want to know more about your offers before clicking. Give them some attractive information.
Content is your main point if you want clicks and conversions. Anyway it helps to stand out from dozens of other web pages. So you have to work well to gain your ranks Vimmy gives you some hints.
Landing Pages
Well done landings lead your users to your page. They are broadcasting, they tell about you and your offers and point to your contacts. You may use tips like discount coupons, promo codes, free guides, tutorials. All this is a useful leadmagnite.
Do not miss using attention-grabbing headlines, targeted messages and combine an ultra-strong call to action. Your clicks will be rising.
Optimize Old Content
  • Refresh all posts with new hashtags. Reflect all new - features, thoughts, services
  • Refresh headline images
  • Put more necessary keywords in texts, raise word amount in every post, 1000 words is good, but better is more
  • Add paragraph structure, check sentence length to improve readability
  • Add more links to previous related posts and materials
  • Backlink to related sites
Get a blog and optimize it regularly. Update your old posts to gain more relevancy.  
Repurpose content to other channels
You may remake your webpage content into other content formats. There are some ways to repurpose and upgrade the output and visibility of your texts or whatever else. You may make parts of a text and turn it into a video tutorial or manual about your products. People would be interested to watch it in parts, and you may tease them by telling them that the next part would be coming soon.  
There are dozens of possibilities to create well-performing, information-rich content. And traffic will be moving to your page again and again.
Some texts about trends-2020 may be remade like trends-2021. You may refresh, update info, backlink and rewrite something.  You may produce lots of variants about your product and goods. There are “How to” Tutorials, product recommendations, video reviews, FAQ pages, supporting articles, news and updates. Just use your imagination and mind. And of course use Vimmy to monetize it all.