Updates on the Vimmy platform
Katrina L

Friends, we are constantly improving the functionality of your personal account based on your feedback. Several useful features have been added over the past months to make working with Vimmy even easier!

  • Popunder format added
  • Multicreatives
  • Push Preview
  • Managing multiple ad campaigns
  • IP targeting
  • Improved anti-fraud algorithms
  • Massive replacement of domains in campaigns
Now a little bit more about each of the updates:
Popunder (OnClick) – one of the very first ad formats: simple and straightforward now available in Vimmy!
Why Popunder?
  • A lot of traffic.
  • The Popunder ad format is much cheaper than others.
The volumes and cost can be seen in the Traffic Chart section and in your personal account.
Now you don’t need to create multiple separate campaigns to test different creatives.
Add the required number of creatives within one campaign and choose the best one. You can check the CTRs for each individual creative in the Dashboard section by selecting the grouping by Creative.​
Push Preview
Now, when creating a campaign, you can see a preview on how the Push notification with your ad will look on the recipient’s device.
Creative previews are available for Android, macOS and Windows. In the editing block of a creative by clicking on the button: Push Preview.
A push preview for the device you selected will open.
Managing multiple ad campaigns simultaneously
Now you can start, stop or archive the campaigns you need with one click.
IP targeting
With surgical precision, it allows you to create black / white lists in your campaigns by IP address ranges.

Improved anti-fraud algorithms

We are constantly working to improve the quality of traffic in the system. In November, algorithms for determining bot traffic were upgraded. There is no limit to perfection, but we strive for it!  

Massive replacement of domains in campaigns.

Now you can change domains in your campaigns in 2 clicks. The feature is available in the section Campaigns -> Campaigns Tools

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