To be, or not to be
Katrina L

There are different types of headaches, but if ibuprofen helps with migraine and flu, there is no pill for headaches with offers, creatives, landing pages, affiliate programs and spy services!

We have selected the top 5 annoying moments in the work of an affiliate marketer. Can you tell us about yours?

Lack of good offers
Each affiliate receives emails with the heading "Hottest offers of the week". It seems that there are a lot of offers, but in fact there are very few good ones.
Often, advertisers launch onto their own products with the help of an internal buying team. Therefore, reaching the desired offer can be difficult, especially if it is completely private and not represented in the networks. Ultimately, the affiliate marketing market is quite narrow despite its diversity.
Red statistics
The inevitability of the work of an affiliate is the red lines in the tracker, what you can learn from them, we explored in this article.   Nevertheless, even with the understanding that this is normal when testing for minuses, it is psychologically difficult to see losses. Again in a need to change something, search, select, optimize, redo, there is less money, not more, and this is not at all according to the scenario.
 Offer instability
  • Application bans in Appstore or Google Play.
  • Capping and hard KPI.
  • Technical problems on the part of the offer.
  • Shifting blame from an inefficient funnel within a product to an affiliate through impossible KPIs.
The instability of offers is one of those things that interferes with work, and it is impossible to influence it.  
Low level of competence of account managers
Ideally, an account manager is an affiliate marketer"s best friend. But in fact, nonreplies and unwillingness to understand the merits of the issue, lack of expertise, laziness, disinterest of the affiliates success. The other extreme - importunity and the only desire to make you spend more money in any way. Raise your bids - the only advice such managers give. Often an account manager does not understand how to build a mutually beneficial relationship with an affiliate.
This applies to both the advertising network that offers traffic and CPA networks.
  • The first ones (who sell traffic) rarely provide useful information for a good launch: platforms, formats, competitive rates, blacklists.
  • The second ones often give "raw" and untested offers, because they have a “plan” to implement, and not an interest in cooperation. The affiliate wastes money and time on tests without getting the desired profit. Low limits also interfere, such as capping of 50 leads with a rate of $2 per team, which does not make you want to spend time on launching.
When replenishing, when withdrawing, when converting one means of payment to another, anytime and anywhere.
Percentage there, percentage here. It doesn't seem as much, but when compiling the annual balance, a significant part of the budget burns out.
Despite the many annoying moments in the work of an affiliator, there are enough positive aspects and potential in the industry. 
Therefore, you can not stop, continue.
What brings you the most toothache?