Tips to increase publisher’s eCPM
Anna N

Your profit depends on your eCPM, so it is really important to increase it. There are some tips on how to skyrocket your eCPM and gain more income. Of course your profit depends on lots of factors and some of them cannot be under your control, but if we mention eCPM – this is a thing you can rule. So read, go and optimize your ads!


Make more trafic

Traffic is some kind of currency, so the more traffic you generate, the more money you gain. Use every tool you can use – SEO, social media, emailing marketing, web forums.



Search engine optimization is well known as a free way to drive your traffic. You rank various content from your web pages in search engines to gain your website exposure.


Work with Social media

When you create pages, like a Twitter account, Facebook page or something else, you may share your content and even put your web page back link there.


Optimize your web page for mobile devices

This is an important thing, but lots of publishers skip it. A good mobile optimization prevents you from Google traffic drops. Such drops usually cause a negative effect on your eCPM.


Use different ads

Do not focus on one ad type, try various ads. You never guess what would work best for your trafic. So use it all and combine.


Control your ad amount

This may sound rather strange after the previous tip, but really, do not multiply too many ads. It can annoy your trafic. Test some ads and leave the best variants.


Watch your GEO

GEO has a high impact on your ad results. Some services or products depend on location. So ads must be shown only within the necessary location, and also each of advertisers puts a willing payment for action, which is based on where your audience is situated.


Increase amounts of unique visitors

This thing is rather important if we speak about ad performance. Advertisers bid more for clicks if there are unique visitors, so do not forget it.


Remember that no one gets a perfect ad rotation, especially if we mean the very first attempts. You may gain the best profit only if you do something. Test, combine and analyze what brings you more results and success. Optimize your page for mobile use, choose the best ad types, watch your statistics and make your conclusions. Use your tips and work on your eCPM. Good luck!

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