Tips and hints for buying traffic
Anna N

We are still discussing paid traffic and its benefits for publishers. Vimmy team is giving you some information about traffic if you plan to pay for it. Just read, learn and go ahead!

Determine if the traffic is feasible
Check if purchasing is cost-effective and feasible enough. Sometimes a quarter spent on targeted traffic is a bad idea which gives you nothing, just a huge money waste.  
Know the restrictions
Check all the information about the maximum and minimum restrictions and whether there is a guarantee. Otherwise you have a chance to waste your money.
But anyway it is too difficult to be 100% sure that you get your targeted audience based on your demographics.
Get full transparency
Get all the details about the method for directing traffic to your site as well as how it is generated. No bots, paid humans, expired domains and automated traffic services are allowed!
Choose services which work with impressions or use pay-per-click algorithms. 
Understand targeted and untargeted traffic
First learn the difference between targeted and untargeted traffic. Don’t look at wholesale traffic packages without demographics in the contract, because such things will not help you. It is not for your offers.
Your traffic must have its focus, some certain targets. Or you just spend your money. And the demographics must be available too. Remember - no untargeted traffic must be bought. Even if it looks so cheap. It is always useless.
Know what you are paying for
Learn all the terms of the agreement, the exact cost, and the refund policy. If some unexpected trouble happens, you will have your rights.
If you want to see good results of your money spendings, it’s really critically important to know what you’re paying for.
Traffic analytics and buying metrics
Use Google Analytics to check and track all your traffic. Use traffic tools. And you should find out if the company you’re going to buy from has some traffic verification analytics. Because it is a smart and trusted idea to use third-party web analytics to verify the legitimacy of your traffic sources. Because you never know how it may go and you better check as much as you can.
Google Analytics will help you to monitor your goals and check the effectiveness of the traffic you bought. You will analyze if users visited your page enough and how many times they scroll it. All this is a great way to measure the quality of your traffic sources.
Conduct research
Look for negative reviews on any company from which you are considering purchasing traffic.
This hint will help to manage with lots of scammers, bots and other misfortunes and mistakes.
Here we pointed at the most common traffic sources and the differences between free and paid traffic.
Some basic and necessary hints about the benefits of buying traffic and its best practices were mentioned. And If you’ve decided that paid traffic is the best option for you, Vimmy is a good decision to buy traffic which is trusted and guaranteed.