There are clicks, but no conversions
Katrina L

A potential lead sees an interesting creative, goes to the landing page… and it’s not about that at all. Misleading ruined the conversion.. and it all started so well!

Sometimes affiliates fall into the trap of misleading, intentionally or out of ignorance. Lots of clicks, but no conversions.

Why misleading is bad and unpromising, we will discuss in this article.

What is misleading
Misleading is when your creative does not match the offer, landing page, and/or product you are referring to. Misleading is used to motivate the user to buy a product or install a game. For example: Creative promises a bonus for the first deposit in an online casino, but when following the link and registering, a potentially high-quality lead closes the page after not receiving the promised bonus.
It turns out that we have a click and a transition, but the target action has not been completed, and this is equal to a low-quality lead.
The same with games, instead of the epic Battleship games promised in creative, following the link, we see Sudoku. The end, the user does not download the game.
Why is misleading unpromising?
Some affiliates engage in Misleading in order to get more clicks (“empty”) and the initial payout on the offer. Let's say you get 200 leads in a couple of days, the advertiser will pay you for them, yes, this is a profit, but you won only in a short term.
In the long run, this is a loss and a waste of time, because after checking the leads, the advertiser will no longer want to work with you, as his advertising budget was burned on low-quality leads. This means no further cooperation.
How to avoid it
Your creative should match the offer and the landing page of the product you are launching on as much as possible. Your creative should be as close as possible to the offer and landing page of the product.
Avoid the words “free” in the description and title of your campaigns. Yes, this way you will be able to attract more clicks, but definitely not quality leads.
Promising in creatives what the user will not receive in the product - bad! Misleading leads to nothing but user frustration, empty clicks, low-quality leads, little or no payouts for you, and no long-term collaboration. Will it make sense to get into misleading in the future? Ultimately no.
It is not so easy to come up with a working creative that will match the product and spark interest - it's true. We know that affiliate marketing is not quick money earned on the beach during a siesta!
Analyze competitors, study the product you are working with, create and test creatives that solve the user's problem and present the promoted product from the best angle! Onwards!