The most profitable website niches for advertising
Anna N

Is there anyone who still wonders why some website owners earn nearly $10,000 monthly from ads? You may say someone barely makes $80 when the same ad network is used. So what is the difference?

One must understand and know advertising effectiveness metrics, focus on checking and considering all the necessary factors – there is a lot to do. And after this part of the plan comes forecasting real ad revenue realms and real opportunities. Those which are close to the matter. All the basic points like top blogging niches, average CPC rates, reliable tips about monetization.

And our team will speak about some niches and sub-niches which are profitable. This is a long list of information which is really valuable and you may use it all or pick some parts and tips.

And let us make it clear and simple. We suggest you a huge list of broad areas with some suggestions for more specific niches inside. So you may pick some area or use a particular niche.

All this may work, but you must test. Topics and subjects for your blog must not be too rare and specific, there will be no traffic and no good quality of guests and visitors. Newbies will make success using this list because they are to choose a website for money making. So their choice is rather important and must be done in a very sensible way.

The most popular and profitable niche you can imagine. Virus content, various videos, cat photos, memes, funny pics, TikTok videos, whatever else. All this is always a good thing.
Everyone spends time on the internet surfing and chilling, watching some relaxing and entertaining content. This subject is the first one to be for huge traffic volumes.
Insurance and legal matters
This may be called the most expensive niche. But this requires a good reliable name experience. One should have a strong industry background and known name being a trusted expert.
Online education
  • Online schools
  • Learning methods reviews
  • ’How to…’ lifehacks
  • Self-education
  • Education webinar platforms
This is actually nowadays according to our reality if you know what we mean. Especially its sub-niches which are the next. 
  • Landing pages advice
  • SEO tactics
  • E-mail campaigns
  • Business presence and development strategies
  • Personal brand advice
  • Marketing tools
Topics on this subject are still popular and specialists in marketing are rather necessary and in high demand on the job market. Also they do work like freelancers and there is a huge pile of information for articles, discussions and topics.
Money making
  • How to make money online
  • How to make money blogging
  • How to make money from smth
This is actually our subject. And all the people are always really interested in new ways, hints, life hacks and tips for money income and its raising.
Health & Fitness
Lots of things to discover! A self-care routine, a healthy diet, blogs on mental health - take it and make it. Articles about nutrition, self-care, meditation, yoga, some type of fitness, home fitness routine, spiritual practicing and religious studies can be a gold mine.
Helping people find their work/life balance, explaining to them how to manage this and not to gain stress is a nice idea. You may speak about time management and self-development, complete some useful financial guidance, and a various mix of ’eat-pray-love’ advice will be nice too.
Relationships and parenting
This is a huge and various mix of psychology, lifestyle, personal growth. Rather an important and necessary sphere of life. Young people marry and desperately try to figure out the perfect way to make it work. So you may help them by making a Mom or Dad blog, completing articles about relationship advisory or guides about teenage parenting.
Food & Beverages
A whole world for articles, topics, discussions. Food is always a pleasure, and lots of users like to read something new about it. You may pick some receipts, choose something about cocktails and party drinks, write about tea sorts or prepare a good vegan latte at home. Here are the sub-niches you may use.
  1. National cuisine,
  2. exclusive recipes,
  3. coffee-lovers community.
It is always a perfect idea to approach your blog or webpage monetization complexly. But the financial income will not come at glance. Ads on your page will work, just give them time and test them. People say that up to two years must pass before you gain your valuable income and raise your revenues. So achieving really satisfying financial results is not a myth, but a deal of consistency. Lots of people give up and quit after a year. Be persistent, so this is how you will gain your money and have a huge income. And make your ads work with Vimmy team, of course.