Sources & tactics of promoting your blog
Anna N

Large list of instruments you may use for a successful blog promotion

This is a large list of instruments you may use for a successful blog promotion. You rather combine them and make a complete plan, but if you doubt, you may use just several sources, of course. Vimmy gives you all the information – and you measure and manage your opportunities.

Email marketing
Lots of people would say that emails are in the past. Nope, they are not. it is still a way of communication. And it still remains the most powerful and cost-effective means of communication. Many people still prefer it. So you better think and decide before you say that you do not need any email marketing at all.
Build your email list. It is the most effective way to convert organic traffic into engaged readers. And they will come back to your blog to read it again and again. Email notifications when your posts and articles are published provide your readers with all the news from your blog.
There are some tips to get some more subscriptions:
  • Show the benefits of reading your posts to your subscribers. Why is it necessary to read? What is in it for them? What are the pluses?
  • Use the verbs of actions in your buttons with some actions saying what to do. This is a CTA, call to action method.
  • Write all your emails short and clear, they must be straightly leading to the point. Directing users to go to your blog and start reading.
Using text or visual emails? No one knows exactly, people are different, and their choices may be various. But nowadays users prefer text emails and no large and huge images. And some email clients block emails with HTML. Anyway, do not spam and overuse plain text letters. Send letters with the news, tell people that you hads new posts, wrote new trending articles, share your old but perfect texts. Create some letters for users to enjoy and check out your content. Do not miss your chances to share best-ofs and curated content. This also adds a lot of value by sharing other people’s great content Add social shares directly from emails. This gives you more shares and users send your content and link to your blog post. You just must add create the link from the Share Link Generator and include it in your email
Social media marketing
This method gives you more exposure and ultimately boosts traffic and shares. But it is not as simple and fast as it may seem to you. There must be a clear and detailed social media marketing strategy. Choose several social media networks which are closer to your blog. Do not forget to think about the relevance and suitableness. There must be necessary brands or influencers which you may need later. Pick some media groups to join. Be present on your chosen social media platforms and write good detailed and attractive posts regularly. Do not appear with new posts. Use things like Blog2Social and Sendible, they help you to make your texts and posts to be more unique and add some trending relevant hashtags or choose a suitable image. Use reciprocal sharing websites. Share user’s content and get your credits. When you want to post, you use this. Triberr is a fantastic blog tool which imports posts via RSS. You may pay attention to Viral Content Bee. It is a useful and nice tool that promotes bloggers’ content on social media sites which are likeTwitter, Facebook, Pinterest.
Check out niche social bookmarking websites. Share your content on niche-specific sites to get your relevant traffic and more shares which are relevant too. Include your blog link in your social media profiles. If you have a blog, just announce everyone where you have your social media profiles. It works! If you have content, you may share your posts everywhere and someone will definitely come and read it. You can never guess how it turns out to be. Share your blog posts on social media right when you publish them. If you have social accounts. you better share your blog news as soon as they are done. Fresh and quick immediate retweets, likes and comments are good, and shares are good too, but credits depend on time. Immediate reactions are at the top.
Influencer marketing
There are several ways of doing this. You may mention any suitable influencers for your social media posts. And you may take an interview and speak to any influential blogger. Do not forget to give a link to your post to share. This usually works. And do not forget to comment on some top niche blogs, so the other commenters notice you
If you put some necessary comments with good suitable information, people will go and check your blog. Maybe even the blog owner asks you about some guest materials.
Paid marketing (social media advertising)
First you have to look through all the ad types and formats for various social media networks. There are some various tips about demographics and advertising formats for each social media. So do not forget to do your research.
Check all the essential things. Choose the best social media for your ads. Think where your target audience hangs out. Pick up a format, is it an image, a video, a text. Count your budget. And then after you did all this you may look through the ads and variants.
You may choose:
  • Facebook Video Ads
  • Instagram Carousel Ads
  • Pinterest Promoted Pins
  • Twitter Promoted Tweets
  • LinkedIn Sponsored Content
This was not a whole list of means and methods, but they all work and bring success if you write a plan and complete your strategy. Do not try to be as fast as you can, but try not to waste too much time. Be somewhere between. And remember that results come after actions.
Advertising networks
This is a way which is more easy and affordable. Of course, paid social marketing works, but it is not the only thing possible. Vimmy is an example of an understandable and resultable tool for buying ads and having more traffic.
Advertising networks are more clear and sometimes even cheaper than social media ads, if you know how to use all this. Vimmy has a good 24/7/365 support team which will help you to get your first traffic and learn all the nuances.