Should you continue to work in a moment of uncertainty?
Katrina L

If you can’t change the situation, change your attitude towards it.


Affiliate marketing is a narrowly focused, specific niche, the profit in which directly depends on what is happening around the world.

Not all events can be influenced, even if you beat your head against the wall really hard.

When a house is destroyed by a hurricane, it doesn’t matter if you download a game or buy a magic ointment to enlarge something.

At the moment, many areas of life and the economy are in crisis. For some it’s global, for others it’s local. Yet the fact remains that change is swift, difficult if not impossible to influence, and brings panic, stress, and chaos.

Does the “outside world” affect affiliate marketing? Yes, directly, these two elements are interconnected.

How should a webmaster behave in a moment of total uncertainty? What keeps working? And what is better to leave for later?

Visibility is limited
Our work depends on what happens in the GEO to which we launch. And in which we are. Holidays, the political situation, force majeure in the form of natural disasters or Covid, the economic situation, the amount of emigration, anything or everything. Often one follows the other, like inseparable friends.
As practice shows, situations are not ruled out when it becomes impossible to work with one GEO or another due to external circumstances. Panic? What to target, to whom, when and with what affiliate program? It is also important to always choose exclusively reliable partners so as not to receive unpleasant surprises, even during a crisis.
A storm warning?
The use of the Internet, the storage and exchange of data, and blockchains is increasing every day. It is predicted that by 2025 the volume of data exchange will be more than 180 zettabytes.
That is, affiliate marketing, online shopping, games, antiviruses, VPN, the need for advertising will not go away, there will always be offers.
And yet, inflation beats all records for the last 40 years. Salaries, surprise, surprise, are indexed by 1-2%. As a result, purchasing power is reduced, the desire to make an additional bet or buy a subscription drastically decreases, and this is important to take into account when choosing a niche and an offer. Things are even worse in TIER 3 countries.
Where to sail?
Sometimes you have to go where circumstances lead.
There is no limit to the creativity of affiliate marketers when creating creatives and adapting borrowed landing pages, same here. In non-standard situations, the approach should also be non-standard.
Even in a crisis, there are niches that will work.
Dating is still in high demand, the desire to download and play free games too. Finance - if there is no "safety net", and you don’t want to reduce the standard of living, microcredit and loans come into play. E-commerce - in the age of the Internet and TikTok, devices will always be needed, just like the crypt niche is rapidly gaining momentum. Let's focus on how to fix the problem, not how bad things are.
Calm current
Most of us only take vacations on Christmas and birthdays, but when crisis and uncertainty hit us, vacations aren't such a bad idea. Taking a break does not mean stopping completely. Taking a break means letting the river of events, which has reached a cliff and is rapidly falling down, fall and calm down.    
Stop, give yourself time to realize and accept what is happening. By stepping back, you can look at the situation with “fresh eyes”. You can see solutions that were not thought of before.
Every storm passes. Put the computer away! Stop scrolling the news feed and pressing the refresh button every 3 minutes, nothing has changed. It is not always necessary to go against the wind, especially if there is no way to change its direction now.