Should campaigns be suspended on holidays?
Katrina L

Do campaigns convert before the holidays? What about during or after? 

What verticals should you focus on? What’s most important for conversions and profits during the holidays?

Maybe the game is not worth the candle? Maybe get a coat and fireworks instead of work?

What to launch before the holidays?
One of the most productive sales seasons is the New Year. And then high conversions are not far off. People are excited, buying gifts, looking for a way to shed a couple of kilos, learning how to make cookies etc. They did not have time during the year - they are trying to catch up now.
Any household, electronic devices, toys, cloth, jewellery, souvenirs, stuff for hobbies. Range - from fishing rod and skis to ship models in 1:1 scale. In the pre-New Year's fever, they buy a lot and willingly.
In the above statistics, you can delve into more detail to see which products were most actively purchased for the holidays in 2022.
Start early with nutra offers: almost everyone needs magic diet pills before the holidays. All sorts of super-gels and energy drinks to dance all New Year's Eve until the morning.
Should you run campaigns on holidays?
There are verticals that work before, during and even after the holidays. The only challenge is to manage to change creatives quickly enough. So decide for yourself whether to run campaigns or not to run campaigns during the holidays.
Gambling and Betting
What is almost everyone waiting for in the pre-New Year atmosphere? Miracle and magic. As in childhood!
The excitement is growing, people want to win, get “easy money”, because “a gift for the New Year” and “they are always lucky on New Year’s Eve .” In addition, people have more free time. Shortened days, weekends. That's why people sit and spin the wheels of fortune, place bets, and play games online.
Dating is in fashion - in any weather. And on New Year's holidays too. People are spending more time at home. If the weather is not very pleasant, dating apps will brighten up their leisure time.
“I want to believe in a miracle. I want a pleasant company on New Year's Eve. I want to meet someone, relax.” everything people think about during holidays. Dating services have special offers and bonuses before the New Year. With creative, everything is clear too - the theme is the New Year.
And again, the New Year's miracle is the thirst to win money, a phone, a hair dryer and a gift card. This is true during the holidays and after.
After the holiday
When the Christmas lights and the internet turns off.
It would seem that people bought everything. But in January you can also make money. Competition is low, the auction is not overheated. Users have vacations and leisure time. It's time to surf the net, look for something to download, play, buy.
Keep in mind:
  • The statistics of the hottest products change, choose your GEO carefully. Christmas and New Year fall on different dates depending on GEO. Check. Start launching campaigns on time for the “holidays”.
  • Plan your campaigns. In the last week of December, auctions are overheated. Cost per click jumps up sky high due to endless pre-Christmas and New Year's offers. And large companies receive an annual advertising budget.
  • On December 25th and 31st, it is better to pause campaigns. People have no time for orders, they gather with their families, fuss, prepare food, and pack gifts they have already bought. But if it converts, keep running campaigns. It always depends.
  • Mobile or desktop traffic? An age-old question, because more and more purchases are made through the phone. It is also where games are being downloaded and how people visit online casinos. On holidays or immediately after them, many are visiting someone or out of town. Or on a trip where there is no desktop computer. But the phone is always there.
During the New Year, everyone expects magic. It makes sense to run campaigns before the holidays. Both the creatives and the general theme, everything is simple and clear. Should run campaigns on the holiday itself? After all, the gifts have been bought and some even unpacked.
A holiday is time to relax and be with loved ones. But if you want to work, why not. Many are resting, competition is lower. The main thing here is to continue to launch profitable campaigns. Have a profitable December!