Professional blogging: Ways of making money
Anna N

Is it possible to blog for a living? The statement is quite common, and it is rather easy to become a blogger. But not every blogger can level up to a blogging professional. But this does not mean that blogs cannot bring you revenues. There are some useful hints to increase your money income if you have a blog. You just need to monetize your page and turn it into a source of living, pocket money or additional income. All depends on you. Vimmy team will give you some practical tips.

Here comes the spoiler: affiliate marketing is your savior. You can control the quality of products you promote and deal only with those that are in line with your niche. You can also look for those products you deem relevant to your niche and audience.

So here we go to the promised tips list.

Go Independent With Your Ads
This makes you free and flexible. Choose the ads and deals meeting your original marketing goals. Go directly to advertisers and ensure a higher level of predictability when it comes to display banners on your site.
And you acquire them by applying cold calling strategies with advertisers. Or you can wait for them to get in touch with you.
Earn With Flair With Sponsored Content
This earning depends on some important things. Your skill with aligning your regular content with that which is being paid for is the key to your success. Place some references to the advertised product in an unobtrusive and measured manner.
You are a professional master of blogging when you finally come to conclusions on how to balance sponsored and original content without antagonizing their existing audience in the process.
Offer Homemade Digital Products
Your blog is not a place to promote someone’s products and services. You can also write about your stuff and promote it as well. This is what we call to brand your own web asset.
All the revenues are yours, so such a marketing path is profitable and looks more attractive. But there is a touchy spot, you need to invest more income to improve your products and to offer a well done product with a stable quality to your audience.
Turn Blog Into A Professional Service Platform
There is some difference between this model and the previously explained digital product. They are not the same.
The main point is that the revenue you earn will depend on a smaller number of people that actually use your services. Just because you can focus your effort on a single client instead of on a group of them.
The two basic statements “I blog” and “I blog for a living” differ a lot. The main thing is that there are hours of long and devoted work and clearly set goals.    So if you plan to blog for your life and living, you need to spend more time, put more effort and invest some part of your income into your blog and products. But nowadays you need to build your business model which will work for you and your revenues. And it depends on your goals and ambitions.
Be careful, be flexible, look before you leap - this is what can help you to increase your income and become a well known and trusted blogger.
Your strategy is based on your resources. So check what you have and what you may use for your work  when you try to gain and increase your blog income. None of the described methods and instruments is a secret skeleton key to success, wealth and reputation.