Pre-promotion checklist for your blog
Anna N

Just having a blog is great, but not enough to start a promotion and put your blog in public. This is not as fast as you may wish. Public eye demands some checking and preparation. And not every blog which exists needs public attention and more views. Being popular is nice but this is also a thing which needs your responsibility and many hours of hard work.

Any blog which became popular got this because of a reason. Usually it is a compelling unique selling proposition. No popular blogger can be trusted if he or she gives much spam generation.

The most fundamental issue is to find out what makes your blog unique. And keep this in mind while beginning making a bit more content according to this and working to promote it.

But first pay attention to the following pre-promotion checklist. It is helpful and Vimmy team brings it here to ease your blog promotion work.

Analyze if you need to hire freelancers
Promoting a blog is a hard task to do, it needs multiple tasks and managing your resources. Sometimes your power is not enough, so an issue about hiring freelancers may pop out. If you need time and energy for some other deals, you may employ various freelancers and do not give any worry.
A team will work on your project and you will manage while you are on the go or busy or doing whatever else. And if you have no promotion plan, a team of specialists will help. All the most critical aspects of your blog promotion strategy will be considered and a perfect solid project management plan will be created. So all will be done step by step and checked properly.
Ensure you have high-quality content
No low quality in your blog. Make sure it is all useful, helpful, one-of-a-kind and relevant to your services or products. Follow some trends, do not worry. Evergreen content is okay, but the more trends you take, the more relevant your brand is and the more interest it raises.
Trends, seasonality, current events can help to bring more users to your blogging page. And do not forget to check readability, grammar and even SEO. Just a copy-and-paste article is not enough and even bad for Google searching engines.
Make your blog searchable
Content optimization is your fundamental thing. Use on-page and off-page SEO techniques properly in order to help your content appear in search engine results pages. Check all the keywords if they include high-ranking terms.
When you write posts, mention keywords surely. And use relevant links to internal pages and authoritative and trustable external sites. SEO helps users to find your blog and share it if they like it. So do not skip it.
Build relationships with your readers
Readers are your fundamental and beneficial thing. So if you build real strong relationships with them, you may gain a certain positive base for your business. To begin, establish and grow a loyal readership you need to make good content of course.
Building off-site relationships with some other bloggers who have a loyal audience and some businesses with good reputation is a good idea too. It is a real way to leverage genuine relationships for blog promotion. And do not forget to share other people’s content everywhere. Social media, emails and links are important. You can never guess what you get and who comes to you, so do not miss any chance for useful relationship generation.
This was a small guide for those who plan to monetize their blog but have no idea how it works. And no ideas about any preparations of course.
Vimmy team gives you necessary hints and tips to make your check fast and resultative.