Payout Hold in Affiliate Marketing
Katrina L

Hold for 20 days – too much or not? What does it depend on? Why is it needed? Can it be extended? Will the profit be paid out? Are there offers without Hold?

Let’s discuss this in a new article.

What is Hols?
In affiliate marketing, Hold is a delay in payment while the affiliate network checks the quality of the traffic. Hold is not only an affiliate marketing term. It is available in other systems of affiliate networks and financial services.
The Hold time is indicated in the description of the offer. Most often, payment is received immediately after the expiration of the specified period. Or in a day. Therefore, read the terms of the offer carefully! Well, not to be surprised later, on where the money is. In practice, it looks like this: The affiliate marketer earned $500, the offer description specifies a 12-day Hold, therefore, the webmaster will receive the payment 12 days after the withdrawal request.
Why you need to “keep on Hold”
Because the affiliate network analyzes the quality of traffic, whether there are bots with incentive (motivated) traffic by checking compliance with the terms of the offer. For example, the GEO from which the traffic came.
There are verticals and offers where a return or cancellation of a purchased product/service is possible. The Hold gives time to “wait out” a possible return. If the conditions are not met or fraudulent traffic is noticed, the affiliate network can cancel the payment.
How long to wait?
More often - from 1 to 45 days. It happens that the Hold is longer, but it happens that it is not. The Hold time depends on the vertical and the offer. What product, what service? Can the order and deposit be confirmed immediately? Or do you have to wait until the goods are delivered to the customer? The terms of the offers are different, so the waiting time for the confirmation of the lead as well.
There are offers without Hold. For example, goods/services where there is a 100% prepayment. Still, more often than not, the lack of Hold is a consequence of special conditions for a webmaster from an affiliate network, who launches campaigns a lot, often, without bots and other surprises. Can the affiliate network delay payments, extend the Hold? Yes. If they suspect fraud and traffic cheating. If the verification takes longer, then the Hold is guaranteed.
Keep in mind that Hold can happen when planning your campaign budget. No money - no tests, and if all the free money is in the affiliate networks Hold, then the situation is a stalemate. You will sit and wait for two weeks.
There is no need to avoid or be afraid of Hold on payments. Especially if you comply with all the conditions of the offer, and your traffic is working.
A Hold is not Shave, where they try to cheat and underpay (or not pay at all). A Hold is a natural process of checking the correctness of fulfilling the conditions of your offer.