Part-time job in Affiliate Marketing
Katrina L

Tired of working offline? The road to the office in traffic jams, the pretense of the boss, the gossip of colleagues, nerves and fatigue.

You work 5/2 for 8-10 hours. An article about earning $ 11,000 on traffic in affiliate marketing flickers on the Internet. Everything is easy, simple, without problems! Not a job, but a dream!

Quit your day job and go straight to a new one? Maybe you should start combining your main job with affiliate marketing?

Why even start your journey in affiliate marketing?
  • source of passive income
  • quick money
  • work from anywhere in the world
  • work with creativity
  • easy to start
If you named something from the list, then alas. Affiliate marketing is not passive income, much less quick and easy money. Yes, it makes a profit, but not “passively”, somewhere in the background. A lot of routine tasks that eat up the lion's share of working time. One creative is not enough here. Affiliate marketing cannot be “figured out” overnight or even in a week. If your reasons are not listed, then read on. Consider a part-time job in affiliate marketing.
Need training?
It would be great, of course. But almost all courses about “become an affiliate marketer specialist in 2 weeks” are a scam. You will have to learn and figure it out on your own. Terminology, technical part, how to find a working bundle, offers, affiliate programs, how to get paid. Study theory before practice. What are verticals, bundles, creatives, trackers, who uses what, basic terms. Don't be lazy.
Not understanding how something works is normal at the beginning of the journey. For this, there are professional forums, blog articles, instructions for launching campaigns.
It's not about being the smartest. You need to develop, learn, improve your skills and not stand still. You can read what skills an affiliate marketing hero needs here. Use your time wisely. Study forums and articles at lunchtime, in traffic jams, in the subway. YOU choose what to do in your free time. Be rational. Set and keep goals in mind.
A “stable” job allows you to work on your own funds and not run for loans from banks. Our brain will easily "drain" other people's money. That's how the mind works.
But to “drain” your hard-earned money is hurtful. Here you analyze, and not run forward at random. Conclusions also come faster. Losing hard earned money is painful, but useful. This is how experience comes about.
Like-minded people
“A friend in court is better than a penny in purse” Maybe someone you know also wants to try affiliate marketing or is already studying it? You could support each other. Share progress, discuss and overcome difficulties. If there is no such person, then no problem. There are a lot of newbies on the forums and chats, collaborating with someone. “I agreed to call at 18 and work together” - so now you can’t run away. A contract with people is more reliable than a contract with oneself.
The support of experienced affiliates helps beginners to understand and learn. Or you can become part of an existing team. There are many open vacancies, keep an eye out. But even here you need a base and some experience. Therefore, to begin with, figure out what's what in this affiliate marketing of yours.
Why is Now the time to start?
It would be great to write: Check out the Top 5 Easy and Quick Ways to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing! Alas, there is no quick and easy way. You need to move smoothly, hone experience and accumulate knowledge. If you sit still, nothing will change in a year or ever.
Therefore, count on your strength for a long marathon with obstacles, not a sprint. You will be “out of breath” in no time.
In the beginning, it is not the first million that matters. It is important to understand the mechanics: why the budget is gone, how to fix it, and understanding the essence of what is happening in your tracker.   Everyone started somewhere. If you don't quit immediately for affiliate marketing, there is no rush. Work in the “office”, delve gradually. Perhaps in the near future you may not need to go there.