Offers for popunder – some tips about offers and verticals
Anna N

Popunders are a special ad format. The user does not expect an advertisement, but it jumps out all of a sudden. And not everyone wants to look at it, what’s about clicking, huh? To make users pay is a great puzzle to be solved! And here the best offers are the simplest offers. Where a minimum of actions is needed.

The list of offers for popunders is like this exactly:
  • leave an e-mail
  • subscribe
  • install the application
  • download some actual PC updates
Yes, payments for such offers are not above the roof, if you try, you can take by number, not the size of payments. Popunders have large volumes. Popunders usually have large amounts.  If you choose the right verticals, the profit will be even nicer than you expect.  There are some standart niches of goods that are always profitable, and there are also some new leading trends. Because of the lockdown and home office work, for example, the demand for antiviruses and data protection on the Internet has increased - working from home has its impact.  But in 2022 it is cool to place your bids on VPNs, antiviruses, cleaners and not only! Cryptocurrency has become a bombing trend, bitcoin prices have jumped, although the niche is not easy to gain some income.
So popunder trend verticals in 2022 are:
  • Crypt
  • Utilities
  • VPN
But there is also a list of stable verticals that are almost always good. It's a classic list which always works well and is profitable and stable even for not too skilled newcomers.
Top niches for popunders:
  • dating
  • gambling
  • betting
  • adult
  • smartlinks
  • practical jokes
Be in trend or follow the classics - it's up to you. The Vimmy team advises you to experiment and see in practice which vertical you can work with most effectively.Combine gold standards and trends, test creatives, try variations, test them in practice!
Look for ideas, share experiences. We will always help if you have any questions about the campaigns. Great results and high ROI - together with Vimmy!